Wednesday, May 25, 2005
                               10:00 A.M.


               ********CONGRATULATORY RESOLUTIONS********

HR 1432    Menendez
Recognizing September 2005 as Tejano Heritage Month in Texas.

HR 1602    Dawson
Congratulating Bob and Ann Joyner of Pearland on their 50th wedding

HR 1606    Wong
Congratulating Wang Chi of Houston on her birthday and commending
her for her many contributions to the community.

HR 1608    Ritter / Deshotel
Honoring Joseph Domino of Beaumont for his receipt of a 2005
Distinguished Alumni Award from Lamar University.

HR 1611    Hunter / Hilderbran / Chavez
Commending the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas
Historical Commission on their collaboration in developing the
Texas Buffalo Soldiers Heritage Trail.

HR 1612    Farabee
Honoring Betty Jo Harvey of Wichita Falls for her receipt of a
MetLife Foundation Older Volunteers Enrich America Award.

HR 1621    Farabee
Honoring Pat Gorman on being named the 2005 Small Business Person
of the Year by the Wichita Falls Board of Commerce and Industry.

HR 1623    Casteel
Honoring Texas Air National Guard Major Scott Galliardt of Boerne
for his service to his country and for his contributions in behalf
of his fellow soldiers.

HR 1626    Raymond
Commending Ray Scott for his contributions to fishing and hunting
in Texas and beyond.

HR 1629    Eiland
Recognizing May 12, 2005, as the Texas Retired Teachers Association
"Texas Retired School Personnel Day."

HR 1630    Hodge
Honoring Meg and Jay Propes of Austin on the birth of their son,
Walker Henson Propes.

HR 1631    Dutton
Recognizing the Prairie View Interscholastic League Coaches
Association on the occasion of its 26th annual Hall of Honor Awards

HR 1632    Jones, Jesse / Dunnam
Congratulating New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Wheelock on
the dedication of its church bell.

HR 1633    Jones, Jesse / Dunnam
Honoring New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Wheelock on its
notable anniversary celebration.

HR 1635    Martinez
Recognizing the grand opening of the Wal-Mart Supercenter in
Weslaco on May 18, 2005.

HR 1638    Otto
Congratulating Megan Laws on graduating from Tom C. Clark High
School in San Antonio.

HR 1639    Bailey
Honoring Reyes Torres Garcia, Jr., for his exceptional service to
his community.

HR 1640    Bailey
Congratulating Meryl-Ina Samantha Kizzee of the Girl Scouts of San
Jacinto Council on winning a Girl Scout Gold Award.

HR 1641    Dunnam
Congratulating David Fernandez and Latisha Renay Ford on being
selected as members of the 2005 UIL State One-Act Play Honor Crew.

HR 1643    Rodriguez
Honoring Sara Bechtold of Houston Elementary School for being named
Austin ISD's 2005 Teacher of the Year.

HR 1644    Escobar
Congratulating the Texas A&M University--Kingsville football team
for an outstanding 2004 season.

HR 1646    Hodge
Recognizing June 20-24, 2005, as National Healthcare Risk
Management Week.

HR 1650    Laubenberg
Honoring Dr. John Dale Coble on being named the 2004 Optometrist of
the Year.

HR 1651    Laubenberg
Congratulating Carol Ray on her retirement from the Lovejoy ISD.

HR 1652    Solis
Congratulating Dr. Gerald Whitson of Harlingen on being named
Physician of the Year by the staff of Valley Baptist Medical

HR 1656    Hamilton
Congratulating Don Briscoe of Beaumont on being named to the
Pinnacle Club by Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

HR 1657    Hamilton
Congratulating Trent and Melanie Marshall of Orange on the birth of
their son, Andrew Jackson Marshall.

HR 1659    Bohac
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Pine Shadows Elementary
School in Houston.

HR 1700    Smith, Todd
Recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Hurst-Euless-Bedford
Chamber of Commerce.

HR 1701    Wong
Recognizing Mikail Ashvin Wijesekera of Houston on his first

HR 1703    Craddick
Honoring Bobby and Billie Dyer of Midland on their 60th wedding

HR 1715    Davis, Yvonne
Honoring Destinee Nacole Waiters of San Antonio on her service as
an intern during the 79th Legislative Session.

HR 1716    Davis, Yvonne
Honoring Melisha S. Craft of Houston on her service as an intern
during the 79th Legislative Session.

HR 1722    Branch
Congratulating Coach Tim Marzuola of Highland Park High School on
being named the 2005 UIL State Wrestling Coach of the Year.

HR 1723    Branch
Congratulating the Highland Park High School wrestling team on
winning the 2005 state championship.

HR 1724    Branch
Congratulating the Highland Park High School girls swimming team on
winning its fifth straight Class 4A state championship.

HR 1726    Branch
Honoring Texans Can! on its 20th anniversary.

HR 1728    Gonzalez Toureilles
Honoring U.S. Army Sergeant Nieves Rodriguez, Jr., for his service
in Iraq.

HR 1729    Gonzalez Toureilles
Honoring Dr. Euell Crisp for his dedication to the residents of

HR 1730    Gonzalez Toureilles
Honoring Armando Marroquin of Alice for providing scholarships for
high school seniors.

HR 1731    Gonzalez Toureilles
Congratulating Adan Valadez on his receipt of the Martin Luther
King, Jr., Humanitarian Award from the office of the mayor of

HR 1732    Gonzalez Toureilles
Congratulating Eva Richardson on her receipt of the Martin Luther
King, Jr., Humanitarian Award from the office of the mayor of

HR 1733    Quintanilla
Recognizing the Sparks Housing Development Corporation for 15 years
of service in east El Paso County.

HR 1735    Quintanilla
Honoring Chris Forbes on being named the 2004-2005 Outstanding Ex
Student by the Alumni Association of Austin High School in El Paso.

HR 1737    Leibowitz
Congratulating Max Lucado of San Antonio on being named America's
Best Preacher in the April 2005 issue of Reader's Digest magazine.

HR 1738    Leibowitz
Congratulating Joyce W. Dorrycott of San Antonio on the occasion of
her 75th birthday.

HR 1740    Gonzales
Honoring Steve Ahlenius on his achievements as president and chief
executive officer of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce.

HR 1741    Gonzales
Honoring Michael A. Allen for his contributions to the economic
development of the Rio Grande Valley.

HR 1742    Gonzales
Honoring Monica Weisberg-Stewart of McAllen for her outstanding
civic contributions.

HR 1743    Gonzales
Honoring Veena and Varsha Namboodiri of McAllen on the occasion of
their Annaprasana.

HR 1744    Gonzales
Commending Cynthia M. Sakulenzki for her work as president and CEO
of the McAllen Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

HR 1745    Hill
Honoring Eamon Kennedy of Arapaho Elementary School in Richardson
for being selected the Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the
Year by the Texas Association for Health, Physical Education,
Recreation, and Dance.

HR 1747    Escobar
Honoring Raul Garza for his contributions to the students of
Kingsville ISD.

HR 1748    Escobar
Honoring Reynaldo Candia of Primera for his efforts as a civil
rights activist and advocate.

HR 1751    Merritt
Honoring the 2005 Kilgore Rotary Club Scholar Athletes for their
academic and athletic accomplishments.

HR 1752    Merritt
Honoring Casey Zager of Longview for his participation in the
international exchange program Beyond Borders.

HR 1753    Merritt
Honoring Travis Martin on being named the Lion of the Year by the
Kilgore Lions Club.

HR 1754    Merritt
Honoring O. Rufus Lovett of Kilgore College on being named a Piper
Professor by the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation of San Antonio.

HR 1755    Merritt
Honoring Roy and Louise Hollingsworth of Longview on the occasion
of their 60th wedding anniversary.

HR 1756    Merritt
Honoring the city of Lindale on the occasion of its centennial

HR 1757    Merritt
Honoring Shannon Marie Mitchell of Longview for her receipt of the
Rase Brothers Award from The University of Texas Department of
Chemical Engineering.

HR 1758    Merritt
Honoring David and Caranelle Bodenheimer of Gladewater on their
50th anniversary.

HR 1759    Keel
Commending members of the 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, for
their service during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

HR 1763    Riddle
Honoring Deborah Mary Folsom on the occasion of her 60th birthday.

HR 1765    Grusendorf
Recognizing Wayne Ogle for his service to the city of Arlington.

HR 1767    Gallego
Congratulating Julio Cesar Dovalina of Austin on his receipt of the
St. Edward's University Presidential Award in 2005.

HR 1770    Gallego
Honoring St. James Episcopal School in Del Rio on its 50th

HR 1773    Gallego
Honoring Joyce Miles on her retirement from Sul Ross State
University Wildenthal Memorial Library.

HR 1775    Baxter
Honoring Sarah Jean Durkee on her high school graduation.

HR 1776    Jones, Jesse
Congratulating the recipients of the 2005 Seagoville Chamber of
Commerce Annual Awards.

HR 1777    Smith, Todd
Honoring Pam Conley for her years of service as a member of the
Bedford City Council.

HR 1778    Smith, Todd
Honoring Edward and Wanda Parker on their golden wedding

HR 1779    Smith, Todd
Honoring Ron May of Bedford for his service as a member of the
board of Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD.

HR 1780    Smith, Todd
Congratulating Khoan Vu on being named a top 10 graduate of L. D.
Bell High School in Hurst.

HR 1781    Smith, Todd
Congratulating Sarah Agee on being named a top 10 graduate of L. D.
Bell High School in Hurst.

HR 1782    Smith, Todd
Congratulating Jainy James on being named a top 10 graduate of L.
D. Bell High School in Hurst.

HR 1783    Smith, Todd
Congratulating Aimee Lam on being named a top 10 graduate of L. D.
Bell High School in Hurst.

HR 1784    Smith, Todd
Congratulating Karen Pavlovich on being named a top 10 graduate of
L. D. Bell High School in Hurst.

HR 1785    Smith, Todd
Congratulating Suzanne Eckl on being named a top 10 graduate of L.
D. Bell High School in Hurst.

HR 1786    Smith, Todd
Congratulating Mita Lakhia on being named a top 10 graduate of L.
D. Bell High School in Hurst.

HR 1787    Smith, Todd
Congratulating Caitlin Burhand on being named a top 10 graduate of
L. D. Bell High School in Hurst.

HR 1788    Smith, Todd
Congratulating Brittany Jackson on being named a top 10 graduate of
L. D. Bell High School in Hurst.

HR 1789    Smith, Todd
Honoring Mayor Rick Hurt of Bedford for his contributions to city

HR 1790    Smith, Todd
Honoring Alicia McGlinchey for her service as a member of the
Bedford City Council.

HR 1791    Smith, Todd
Congratulating Lindsay Ice on being named a top 10 graduate of L.
D. Bell High School in Hurst.

HR 1792    Keffer, Jim
Congratulating Dana Vollmer of Granbury on winning a gold medal at
the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, as a member of the
women's 800-meter freestyle relay team.

HR 1793    Martinez Fischer
Commending the Honorable Al Alonso, judge of County Court at Law
No. 1 and a Bexar County adult drug court, for his pioneering work
in implementing the first certified drug court in the nation.

SCR 40    Madla
Commending the citizens of Terrell County for their many contributions to
Texas and the nation and extending best wishes for a joyous Centennial

                **********MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS**********

HR 1433    Menendez
In memory of Sarah F. Beers of San Antonio.

HR 1607    Dutton
In memory of Daisy Lee Tindall of Friendswood.

HR 1609    Quintanilla
In memory of Enrique Perez of San Elizario.

HR 1610    Quintanilla
In memory of Kathy Rubio of San Elizario.

HR 1614    Woolley
In memory of Tenie Mulvey Braniff of Houston.

HR 1615    Smith, Todd
In memory of Donald R. Tharp of Bedford.

HR 1620    Eissler
In memory of Lewis Schwartz.

HR 1636    Martinez
In memory of Alvin M. "Al" Levine of Weslaco.

HR 1637    Martinez
In memory of Dora Faye Ligon of Weslaco.

HR 1653    Solis
In memory of U.S. Army Major Horst Gerhard "Gary" Moore of Los

HR 1654    Cook, Robby
In memory of Michael Ryan Davis of La Grange.

HR 1658    Bohac
In memory of Joe Clifford Epps of Houston.

HR 1660    Dukes
In memory of Marc Thomas of Austin and recognizing May 17, 2005, as
Marc Thomas Day.

HR 1712    Farrar
In memory of Natalia Palomo Martinez of Houston.

HR 1714    Hilderbran
In memory of Helene LeMay Burk of Junction.

HR 1718    Callegari
In memory of Jerry L. Carswell.

HR 1725    Branch
In memory of Don Huffer Snell of Dallas.

HR 1734    Quintanilla
In memory of Irene Trujillo of San Elizario.

HR 1736    Quintanilla
In memory of Refugio L. Sanchez of Socorro.

HR 1739    Leibowitz
In memory of Filomeno Escobar of San Antonio.

HR 1760    Davis, Yvonne
In memory of Arthello Beck, Jr., of Dallas.

HR 1762    Bohac
In memory of Anthony Paschal Dwight of Houston.

HR 1768    Gallego
In memory of Rudy F. Rodriguez.

HR 1769    Gallego
In memory of F. M. "Roe" Miller of Fort Davis.

HR 1771    Gallego
In memory of Pablo Aguilar of Fort Davis.

HR 1772    Gallego
In memory of Gunther H. Moller of Alpine.

HR 1774    Gattis
Commemorating Memorial Day 2005.