Friday, May 27, 2005
                                9:00 A.M.


               ********CONGRATULATORY RESOLUTIONS********

HR 1794    Cook, Byron
Honoring Gioia Keeney of Corsicana on the occasion of her 80th
birthday for her significant contributions to the community.

HR 1796    Hopson
Honoring the 55th anniversary of the oldest operating Dairy Queen
in Texas.

HR 1801    Paxton
Congratulating the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco on the grand opening
of its new headquarters.

HR 1802    Paxton
Honoring the Texas Tornado Hockey Club for winning back-to-back
national championship titles.

HR 1803    West, George "Buddy"
Honoring Jim Schaefer on his retirement from CenterPoint Energy.

HR 1804    Menendez
Congratulating Brigadier General Charles G. Rodriguez of San
Antonio on his appointment as Texas adjutant general.

HR 1805    Flynn
Honoring Prairie Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Rains County on
its 126th anniversary.

HR 1806    Hughes
Honoring William Hampton of Hawkins on being named a Distinguished
Alumnus of Jarvis Christian College.

HR 1807    Hughes
Honoring Clements Realtors of Winnsboro on the occasion of its 50th

HR 1808    Hughes
Honoring The Winnsboro News as it begins its 98th year of
publication in 2005.

HR 1810    Nixon
Congratulating Christina Lee Angelo on her graduation from The
University of Texas at Austin.

HR 1811    Madden
Honoring Murry K. and Gwendolyn I. Nance of San Antonio on the
occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1816    Hopson
Honoring Rodney Williams of Carthage for his work with the March of
Dimes WalkAmerica event.

HR 1818    Escobar
Honoring Zeke Cavazos of Raymondville on being named Fire Fighter
of the Year by the Rio Grande Valley Fire Fighters/Fire Marshals

HR 1819    Escobar
Honoring Anna Bernice Owens of La Feria for her contributions as a

HR 1820    Wong
Congratulating Klotz Associates, Inc., on the firm's 20th

HR 1822    Merritt / Herrero / Noriega, Melissa / Hunter
Honoring Lieutenant General Wayne D. Marty on the occasion of his
retirement as Texas adjutant general.

HR 1825    Talton / et al.
Honoring Whitney Smith-Nelson on her college graduation.

HR 1826    Brown, Betty
Honoring Judge Jack H. Holland of Henderson County on the occasion
of his retirement from the 173rd Judicial District Court of the
State of Texas.

HR 1829    Harper-Brown
Commending Irving for its efforts to promote transportation
awareness and for hosting the Eighth Annual Texas Transportation

HR 1830    Harper-Brown
Honoring M. C. Lively Elementary School in Irving on the occasion
of its 50th anniversary.

HR 1831    Harper-Brown / et al.
Honoring Ebby Halliday of Dallas on being named a 2005
Distinguished American by the Horatio Alger Association.

HR 1832    Hughes
Honoring the Winnsboro Post Office on the occasion of its 150th

HR 1834    Hunter
Congratulating Betty-Erle and Wesley Lee Rhodes on their
50th anniversary.

HR 1835    Hunter
Paying tribute to the accomplishments of Dr. Charles Runnels in his work in
Texas and at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

HR 1836    Hunter
Congratulating Abilene Christian University on its 100th Anniversary.

HR 1841    Flynn
Congratulating Bob Adkisson of Wills Point on his 90th birthday.

HR 1844    Solis
Honoring Siria G. Sierra of Los Fresnos on her retirement from
Palmer-Laakso Elementary School.

HR 1845    Escobar
Honoring U.S. Army veteran Cruz Mata of Kingsville.

HR 1846    Escobar
Congratulating Sergio Munoz for his educational achievement as a
graduate of The University of Texas at Austin.

HR 1850    Quintanilla
Honoring the grand opening of the AARP Information Center in El
Paso on May 21, 2005.

HR 1851    Quintanilla
Honoring Lewis Wright on his achievements in scouting.

HR 1875    Castro
Honoring Jennifer Elswood of San Antonio on receiving the Girl
Scout Gold Award.

HR 1877    Oliveira
Commending the Texas Foreign Language Association.

HR 1878    Farrar
Honoring social work students from the University of Houston and
The University of Texas for their service throughout the 79th

HR 1880    Escobar
Recognizing Mikail Davenport and the Capitol Ride '05.

HR 1881    Brown, Betty
Congratulating Amanda Blakely of Crandall on winning a Robert F.
Kennedy Memorial Journalism Award.

HR 1882    Brown, Betty
Congratulating the Trinity Valley Community College Cardinal
cheerleaders on winning the 2005 National Cheerleaders Association
Junior College Division championship.

HR 1887    Pena
Honoring Aguilar's Meat Market for its service to the Edinburg

HR 1888    Escobar
Commending the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals and the
recipient of the first John Austin Pena Scholarship Award.

HR 1889    Smith, Todd
Honoring Nathan Benjamin Brooks as a top 10 graduate of Trinity
High School for 2005.

HR 1890    Smith, Todd
Honoring Kirby Don Jacobson as a top 10 graduate of Trinity High
School for 2005.

HR 1891    Smith, Todd
Honoring Faizan Anwar Ali as a top 10 graduate of Trinity High
School for 2005.

HR 1892    Smith, Todd
Honoring Michael Steven Horstmeyer as a top 10 graduate of Trinity
High School for 2005.

HR 1893    Smith, Todd
Honoring Brandon James Beberwyck as a top 10 graduate of Trinity
High School for 2005.

HR 1894    Smith, Todd
Honoring Nickolas Boutris as a top 10 graduate of Trinity High
School for 2005.

HR 1895    Smith, Todd
Honoring Brian David Burton as a top 10 graduate of Trinity High
School for 2005.

HR 1896    Smith, Todd
Honoring Adam Wayne Jaster as a top 10 graduate of Trinity High
School for 2005.

HR 1897    Smith, Todd
Honoring Brett Ryan Pinholster as a top 10 graduate of Trinity High
School for 2005.

HR 1898    Smith, Todd
Honoring Melissa Ann Bro as a top 10 graduate of Trinity High
School for 2005.

HR 1899    Bohac
Honoring Carol Bunte of Houston on her 25 years as a teacher at
Clay Road Baptist School.

HR 1900    Escobar
Honoring Connie James of Harlingen for her many contributions to
the community.

HR 1901    Wong
Congratulating the R Club of Houston on its 10th anniversary.

HR 1902    Branch
Congratulating Highland Park High School in Dallas on its national
recognition for academics and athletics.

HR 1903    Swinford
Congratulating Bell Helicopter Textron in Amarillo on achieving the
National Leader level of the Clean Texas, Cleaner World program of
the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

HR 1904    Baxter
Congratulating Jennifer and Michael Aragon on the birth of their
daughter, Tatum.

HR 1905    Baxter
Congratulating Julie Salmon on being named Miss Austin USA.

HR 1906    Dunnam
Honoring former State Representative Miguel David Wise and Erin
Duffy Wise of Weslaco on their 20th wedding anniversary.

HR 1909    Hunter
Commending Wayne James on his retirement from the association management

HR 1910    Hughes
Congratulating Deborah Bell of Gilmer on being named a winner in
the 2005 Johnson & Johnson Remarkable Women awards.

HR 1911    Hughes
Congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Horace Cantrell of Mineola on their
55th wedding anniversary.

HR 1918    Wong
Honoring C. C. and Elsie Huang of Houston on their 50th wedding

HR 1919    Escobar
Honoring Roberto A. Hernandez of Raymondville on attaining the rank
of Eagle Scout.

HR 1920    Escobar
Congratulating Adam Hernandez of Raymondville High School for
winning gold in the 800-meter event at the 2005 state track and
field championships.

HR 1922    Taylor
Honoring James Truman Taylor and Arlene Weyer Taylor of Friendswood
on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1925    Rodriguez
Honoring Shelbi McNew on her graduation from the Texas School for
the Deaf.

HR 1926    Bohac
Honoring Josh Elton Cribbs of Houston on attaining the rank of
Eagle Scout.

HR 1927    Rodriguez
Congratulating Jeffrey Wesley on his graduation from the Texas
School for the Deaf.

HR 1928    Rodriguez
Congratulating Rosario Perez on her graduation from the Texas
School for the Deaf.

HR 1930    Farabee
Congratulating Clayton Cotton and Travis Stegner for winning the
2005 UIL Class 4A boys' doubles tennis championship.

HR 1932    Alonzo
Congratulating Lupita Colmenero of El Hispano News in Dallas on her
election as president of the National Association of Hispanic
Publications, Inc., in March 2005.

HR 1933    Alonzo
Commemorating Cinco de Mayo, 2006.

HR 1934    Alonzo
Commemorating February 2, 1848, the date the Treaty of Guadalupe
Hidalgo was signed, ending the Mexican War.

HR 1935    Alonzo
Honoring the life of Cesar E. Chavez on March 31, 2006, the 79th
anniversary of his birth.

HR 1936    Alonzo
Honoring Oak Cliff on the occasion of the 103rd anniversary of its
annexation to Dallas.

HR 1937    Alonzo
Honoring the life of Benito Juarez on March 21, 2006, the 200th
anniversary of his birth.

HR 1938    Alonzo
Recognizing Diez y Seiz de Septiembre (Mexican Independence Day).

HR 1939    Elkins
Congratulating Uchenna and Joyce Ekemezie of Houston on winning The
Amazing Race 7.

HR 1946    Jones, Jesse
Honoring the members of the Miller-King Sunday School Class of the
Good Street Baptist Church in Dallas for their service to their
congregation and their community.

HR 1947    Dawson
Recognizing October 15, 2005, as Pregnancy and Infant Loss
Remembrance Day in Texas.

HR 1948    Martinez Fischer
Honoring Consuelo D. Rocha for her service to the citizens of San

HR 1949    Farrar
Commemorating the 75th anniversary of Theodore Roosevelt Elementary
School in Houston.

HCR 194    Jones, Jesse
Designating July 2005 as Lawn Mower Safety Awareness Month.

HCR 214    Hilderbran
Recognizing the 2005 and 2006 appointments of State Poet Laureate,
State Musician, and State Visual Artists.

                **********MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS**********

HR 175    Baxter
In memory of Thomas Anthony Korioth of Austin.

HR 1800    Baxter
In memory of Cherie Shelton Von Dohlen of Austin and Goliad.

HR 1814    Ritter
In memory of Evan H. "Slats" Wathen of Beaumont.

HR 1833    Laney
In memory of Staff Sergeant Jimmie Doyle of Lamesa, who gave his
life in service to this country during World War II.

HR 1840    Hilderbran
In memory of Patricia Lewis Zoch Tate.

HR 1843    Gonzalez Toureilles / Herrero / Escobar
Paying tribute to the life of U.S. Army Private Felix Longoria of
Three Rivers for his heroism in World War II.

HR 1852    Quintanilla
In memory of Agustin "A. J." Bosquez III of Austin.

HR 1886    Pena
In memory of Canuto Garcia, Jr., of Edinburg.

HR 1907    Woolley
In memory of Cheryl Courrege Burguieres of Houston.

HR 1908    Dutton
In memory of Willie Hall of Houston.

HR 1921    Frost
In memory of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Samuel Tyrone Castle of

HR 1923    Woolley
In memory of Billie Maurine King Ramsey of Houston.

HR 1924    Rodriguez
In memory of Ashlyn Leigh Shoemaker.

HR 1929    Denny
In memory of Marion Allen Groff, Jr., of Pilot Point.

HR 1931    Chisum
In memory of Fred Brook of Pampa.

HR 1941    Gallego
In memory of Carol Dacus of Brewster County.

HCR 189    Homer
In memory of J. E. "Gene" Buster of Paris.

HCR 190    Homer
In memory of Floyd Weger of Paris.

HCR 205    Homer
In memory of Stanley and Jake Avery of Sulphur Springs.