Tuesday, May 24, 2005


                   ******** SENATE AMENDMENTS ********

Eligible at 4:15 AM May 22, 2005:

HB 1048    Chisum
Relating to the forfeiture of contraband used or intended to be
used in the commission of certain criminal offenses.

Eligible at 7:00 PM May 23, 2005:

HB 2614    Eiland
Relating to the applicability of certain insurance laws to Lloyd's
plans and reciprocal and interinsurance exchanges.

HB 2266    Baxter / Callegari
Relating to the authority of municipalities to enact a requirement
that establishes the sales price for certain housing units or
residential lots.

HB 2048    Uresti
Relating to certain online services and transactions involving
state agencies.

Eligible at 7:45 PM May 23, 2005:

HB 585    Corte
Relating to the requirements for the incorporation of a
municipality in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of certain
existing municipalities.

Eligible at 10:00 PM May 23, 2005:

HB 1644    Callegari
Relating to the authority of a water control and improvement
district or a municipal utility district to enter into a contract
to convey property to another water district or water supply
corporation and the authority of a conservation and reclamation
district to acquire a certificate of convenience and necessity or
to acquire a facility or a right to use a facility.

Eligible at 7:00 PM May 24, 2005:

HB 137    Paxton / Woolley / Van Arsdale / Hughes / Keffer, Bill /
              et al.
Relating to "Welcome to Texas" signs.

HB 833    Gattis
Relating to hours of sale for certain alcoholic beverages in
certain areas.

HB 283    Hope / Goolsby / Raymond / et al.
Relating to admission, assignment, and conduct of certain public
school students.

HB 1609    Chisum
Relating to the allowed wastes and exemptions applicable to certain
municipal solid waste landfill units in arid areas.

Eligible at 7:15 PM May 24, 2005:

HB 3147    Turner / et al.
Relating to authorizing the Texas Building and Procurement
Commission to enter into more favorable lease with option to
purchase agreements with regards to certain space currently
occupied under lease with option to purchase agreements.

Eligible at 8:35 PM May 24, 2005:

HB 1480    Gattis
Relating to the issuance of special license plates to benefit
certain programs.

HB 1708    Baxter / Keel
Relating to the applicability of state ethics laws to and
indemnification of directors of regional mobility authorities;
providing penalties.

HB 268    Keel / Hodge
Relating to the qualifications and appointment of counsel for
indigent defendants in capital cases.

HB 1038    Isett
Relating to certain reduced fees for a license to carry a concealed

HB 1044    Eiland / Smith, Wayne
Relating to an optional procedure for the issuance of a permit by a
certain county for the movement of oversize or overweight vehicles.

HB 1763    Cook, Robby / Hope
Relating to the notice, hearing, rulemaking, and permitting
procedures for groundwater conservation districts.

HB 2678    Smithee
Relating to the use of certain information to underwrite
professional liability insurance for physicians and health care

HB 3485    Oliveira
Relating to the establishment of criminal law hearing officers in
Cameron County.

Eligible at 2:40 AM May 25, 2005:

HB 495    Miller / Hupp
Relating to the student enrollment required for the operation of
Texas A&M University--Central Texas as an independent general
academic teaching institution.

HB 541    Krusee
Relating to the types of nonprofit organizations that may conduct

HB 873    Dukes
Relating to regulation by a property owners' association of certain
displays on property in a residential subdivision.

HB 914    Woolley / et al.
Relating to disclosure of certain business or financial
relationships with certain local government officers; providing
criminal penalties.

HB 984    Reyna / Guillen / McReynolds / Chavez / Hochberg / et al.
Relating to the care of elementary and secondary school students
with diabetes.

HB 1208    Gattis
Relating to a limitation on the use of eminent domain by certain
conservation and reclamation districts.

HB 1209    Gattis / et al.
Relating to using county election precincts for any election held
on the November uniform election date.

HB 1252    Guillen / Escobar / Leibowitz / Gonzalez Toureilles
Relating to providing services for persons with chronic kidney
disease under the medical assistance program.

HB 1690    Keel / Hill / Frost / Hodge / Nixon / et al.
Relating to common nuisance.

HB 1830    Wong
Relating to the notice provided for the establishment of municipal
management districts.

HB 1855    Giddings
Relating to the deletion of certain electronic records concerning a
customer who issues a check; providing a civil penalty.

HB 2337    Corte / Escobar / Gallego
Relating to the use of information provided by an applicant for a
driver's license or personal identification certificate in an image
verification system.

HB 2382    Hegar
Relating to training requirements for certain chief appraisers of
appraisal districts.

HB 2423    Puente
Relating to the consideration of historic or existing use in the
regulation of pumping and discrimination by a groundwater
conservation district against landowners whose land is enrolled or
participating in a federal conservation program.

HB 2510    Bonnen
Relating to the regulation of on-site sewage disposal systems and
the maintenance of those systems; imposing administrative and
criminal penalties.

HB 2569    Eiland
Relating to the office of district attorney for the 253rd Judicial
District and to the creation of the office of district attorney for
the 344th Judicial District.

HB 2593    Baxter
Relating to the TexasOnline project, the TexasOnline Authority, and
related powers and fees.

HB 2604    Guillen
Relating to preferences for veterans in state-funded job training
or employment assistance programs and services.

HB 2653    Krusee
Relating to the use of tax increment financing to pay certain costs
associated with certain transportation or transit projects.

HB 2680    Branch
Relating to services provided by health care practitioners to
charities and liability insurance for those practitioners.

                 ******** CONFERENCE COMMITTEE ********

The Senate request the appointment of a conference committee on:

SB 334    Duncan / et al.
         SP: Keffer, Bill
Relating to the remedy provided for failure to disclose certain
information in certain residential construction transactions.
(Senate Conferees:  Duncan - Chair/Armbrister/Fraser/Eltife/Hinojosa)

Conference Committee Reports:

Eligible at 6:35 PM May 21, 2005:

SB 122    Hinojosa / et al.
         SP: Giddings
Relating to the prevention and punishment of identity theft and the
rights of certain victims of identity theft; providing penalties.

Eligible at 10:30 AM May 24, 2005:

HB 1820    Otto
Relating to the requirements for reporting certain information to
the attorney general or the legislature.