Thursday, May 26, 2005


                   ******** SENATE AMENDMENTS ********

Eligible at 7:00 PM May 23, 2005:

HB 2266    Baxter / Callegari
Relating to the authority of municipalities to enact a requirement
that establishes the sales price for certain housing units or
residential lots.

HB 2048    Uresti
Relating to certain online services and transactions involving
state agencies.

Eligible at 10:00 PM May 23, 2005:

HB 1644    Callegari
Relating to the authority of a water control and improvement
district or a municipal utility district to enter into a contract
to convey property to another water district or water supply
corporation and the authority of a conservation and reclamation
district to acquire a certificate of convenience and necessity or
to acquire a facility or a right to use a facility.

Eligible at 8:35 PM May 25, 2005:

HB 3485    Oliveira
Relating to the establishment of criminal law hearing officers in
Cameron County.

Eligible at 2:40 AM May 25, 2005:

HB 495    Miller / Hupp
Relating to the student enrollment required for the operation of
Texas A&M University--Central Texas as an independent general
academic teaching institution.

HB 541    Krusee
Relating to the types of nonprofit organizations that may conduct

HB 873    Dukes
Relating to regulation by a property owners' association of certain
displays on property in a residential subdivision.

HB 914    Woolley / et al.
Relating to disclosure of certain business or financial
relationships with certain local government officers; providing
criminal penalties.

HB 984    Reyna / Guillen / McReynolds / Chavez / Hochberg / et al.
Relating to the care of elementary and secondary school students
with diabetes.

HB 1208    Gattis
Relating to a limitation on the use of eminent domain by certain
conservation and reclamation districts.

HB 1209    Gattis / et al.
Relating to using county election precincts for any election held
on the November uniform election date.

HB 1252    Guillen / Escobar / Leibowitz / Gonzalez Toureilles
Relating to providing services for persons with chronic kidney
disease under the medical assistance program.

HB 1690    Keel / Hill / Frost / Hodge / Nixon / et al.
Relating to common nuisance.

HB 1830    Wong
Relating to the notice provided for the establishment of municipal
management districts.

HB 1855    Giddings
Relating to the deletion of certain electronic records concerning a
customer who issues a check; providing a civil penalty.

HB 2337    Corte / Escobar / Gallego
Relating to the use of information provided by an applicant for a
driver's license or personal identification certificate in an image
verification system.

HB 2382    Hegar
Relating to training requirements for certain chief appraisers of
appraisal districts.

HB 2423    Puente
Relating to the consideration of historic or existing use in the
regulation of pumping and discrimination by a groundwater
conservation district against landowners whose land is enrolled or
participating in a federal conservation program.

HB 2510    Bonnen
Relating to the regulation of on-site sewage disposal systems and
the maintenance of those systems; imposing administrative and
criminal penalties.

HB 2569    Eiland
Relating to the office of district attorney for the 253rd Judicial
District and to the creation of the office of district attorney for
the 344th Judicial District.

HB 2593    Baxter
Relating to the TexasOnline project, the TexasOnline Authority, and
related powers and fees.

HB 2604    Guillen
Relating to preferences for veterans in state-funded job training
or employment assistance programs and services.

HB 2653    Krusee
Relating to the use of tax increment financing to pay certain costs
associated with certain transportation or transit projects.

HB 2680    Branch
Relating to services provided by health care practitioners to
charities and liability insurance for those practitioners.

Eligible at 4:00 PM May 25, 2005:

HB 126    Berman
Relating to the penalty for tampering with a governmental record
establishing residency for enrollment in a public school.

HB 160    McCall / Branch / Eiland / Hughes / et al.
Relating to motor vehicles equipped with recording devices.

HB 265    Smith, Wayne
Relating to the time for processing a municipal building permit.

HB 308    Hope
Relating to discipline in public schools and the assignment of
certain public school students involved in a sexual assault.

HB 1606    Thompson
Relating to the level of municipal participation in contracts with
developers for public improvements.

Eligible at 5:40 PM May 25, 2005:

HB 129    Berman / Orr / Cook, Robby / Blake / McReynolds / et al.
Relating to the authority to require a convicted person to perform
manual labor for a nonprofit organization or a cemetery maintained
by the county.

HB 629    Solomons / et al.
Relating to notice required for a mechanic's, contractor's, or
materialman's lien in certain circumstances.

HB 754    Gattis / Rose
Relating to transportation of loose materials.

HB 840    Riddle / Keel / Cook, Byron / Anchia
Relating to the forfeiture of contraband used to facilitate or
intended to be used to facilitate the commission of certain
criminal offenses.

HB 989    Chisum
Relating to recovery of certain transmission investments of
electric utilities.

HB 1567    Ritter / Deshotel / Hamilton / Otto / Crabb / et al.
Relating to the transition to competition of certain electric
utilities outside of ERCOT.

HB 1588    Driver
Relating to the qualifications and removal of and continuing
education requirements for a constable.

HB 1622    Pitts
Relating to the creation of a county court at law in Hill County.

HB 1813    Pickett
Relating to historical reenactments on premises permitted or
licensed under the Alcoholic Beverage Code.

HB 2243    Jackson, Jim
Relating to the regulation of locksmiths and locksmith companies
under the Private Security Act.

HB 2466    Swinford
Relating to recycling market development.

HB 2518    Coleman / et al.
Relating to a mental health court program.

Eligible at 8:00 PM May 25, 2005:

HB 412    Turner / et al.
Relating to the use of credit scoring and credit history by certain
telecommunications and electric service providers.

HB 789    King, Phil / Edwards
Relating to furthering competition in the telecommunications

HB 916    Woolley / et al.
Relating to creating the Texas Health Care Policy Council.

HB 1516    Isett / Swinford
Relating to the Department of Information Resources' management of
state electronic services.

HB 3526    Hochberg
Relating to the creation of the Greater Sharpstown Management
District; providing authority to impose a tax and issue a bond or
similar obligation.

Eligible at 11:45 PM May 25, 2005:

HB 646    Otto
Relating to the provision of certain reports and records requested
by the attorney general.

HB 664    Isett
Relating to consideration of a bidder's principal place of business
in awarding certain municipal and school district contracts.

HB 843    Truitt / Riddle
Relating to relating to the authority of certain counties to
regulate certain communication facility structures in certain
circumstances; providing a penalty.

HB 988    Chisum
Relating to the county in which a seller of a motor vehicle may
file an application for registration and certificate of title.

HB 1172    Brown, Fred
Relating to policies and measures to promote timely graduation of
students from public institutions of higher education.

HB 1379    Jones, Jesse
Relating to the admissibility in a civil action of certain
information relating to identify theft.

HB 1701    Keel / Hodge
Relating to the defense of indigent persons accused of a criminal

HB 1765    Morrison / Ritter / Kolkhorst / Deshotel / McCall / et al.
Relating to the creation of programs and funding for emerging
technology industries.

HB 2110    Berman / Driver / Hupp / Keel / King, Phil / et al.
Relating to the applicability of certain weapon laws to certain
judges and prosecutors.

HB 3016    Hill
Relating to the determination of the market value of certain drug
supplies for ad valorem property tax purposes.

HB 3539    Hupp
Relating to the composition of the board of directors of the
Saratoga Underground Water Conservation District.

Eligible at 1:30 AM May 26, 2005:

HB 867    Allen, Ray
Relating to the registration and supervision of sex offenders;
providing penalties.

HB 1053    Hope
Relating to the location of certain municipal solid waste

HB 1068    Driver
Relating to the collection and analysis of evidence and testimony
based on forensic analysis, crime laboratory accreditation, DNA
testing, and the creation and maintenance of DNA records; providing
a penalty.

HB 1116    Solomons / Hamric / Truitt / Dunnam
Relating to the governmental entities subject to the sunset review

HB 1611    Chisum / Turner / Allen, Ray / Hochberg / Edwards / et al.
Relating to the use of money for the low-income vehicle repair
assistance, retrofit, and accelerated vehicle retirement program;
making an appropriation.

HB 1634    Allen, Ray / Hopson / Otto / Blake
Relating to arson and arson investigation; creating offenses.

HB 1772    Miller
Relating to permitting a general-law municipality to annex land in
certain circumstances.

HB 1823    Dutton / Farrar / Smith, Wayne / Leibowitz
Relating to the rights of a purchaser under an executory contract
for conveyance of real property.

HB 2579    Rodriguez / Hupp / Davis, John
Relating to procedures to ensure the involvement of parents or
guardians of children placed in certain institutions.

HB 2753    Pitts
Relating to the powers, duties, and functions of the Legislative
Budget Board.

HB 2806    Morrison
Relating to the regulation of career schools and colleges.

HB 2958    Hamric
Relating to the creation of freight rail districts; granting
authority to issue bonds or other similar obligations to create
public debt; granting the power of eminent domain.

HJR 80    Krusee
Proposing a constitutional amendment clarifying that certain
economic development programs do not constitute a debt.

Eligible at 2:45 AM May 26, 2005:

HB 1601    Madden
Relating to the use of interpreter services in a criminal case.

HB 2129    Bonnen
Relating to energy-saving measures that reduce the emission of air

HB 2217    McCall
Relating to the management of public school land and the permanent
school fund.

HB 2218    McCall
Relating to the regulation of money services businesses; providing
a penalty.

HB 2421    Chavez / Villarreal / Castro / Leibowitz / et al.
Relating to the use of an employer assessment to fund the skills
development program and authorizing the Texas Workforce Commission
to develop new job incentive programs.

HB 3434    Hartnett
Relating to testamentary and nontestamentary transfers of property
and other benefits and the administration of those benefits.

Eligible at 3:40 AM May 26, 2005:

HB 3540    Pitts
Relating to certain fiscal matters affecting governmental entities;
providing penalties.

Eligible at 6:30 PM May 26, 2005:

HB 164    Berman / Flynn / Phillips / Madden / Driver / et al.
Relating to the civil and criminal consequences of engaging in
conduct related to the manufacture of methamphetamine and to the
distribution and retail sales of certain chemical substances.

HB 823    Keel / Pena / Gonzalez Toureilles / Eissler / Hupp / et al.
Relating to the applicability of the offense of unlawful carrying
of weapons to certain persons and to the consequence of certain
presumptions in the prosecution of a criminal offense.

HB 1006    Isett / Bohac / Eissler / Gattis / Crabb / et al.
Relating to the adoption of ad valorem tax rates by taxing units
and to related tax bills.

HB 2376    Elkins
Relating to the environmental regulation and remediation of dry
cleaning facilities; imposing a penalty.

HB 2491    Puente / Paxton / Goodman
Relating to the administration and collection of ad valorem taxes,
including the transfer of an ad valorem tax lien and a contract for
foreclosure of an ad valorem tax lien; amending, correcting, and
clarifying the Tax Code, Property Code, and Civil Practice and
Remedies Code.

HB 2808    Morrison
Relating to the P-16 Council and to the functioning of certain
educational programs.

HB 2955    Hamric
Relating to the operation of a motor vehicle.

HB 3093    Pena
Relating to ex parte petitions for the expunction of criminal
records and files.

                 ******** CONFERENCE COMMITTEE ********

Conference Committee Reports:

Eligible at 6:35 PM May 21, 2005:

SB 122    Hinojosa / et al.
         SP: Giddings
Relating to the prevention and punishment of identity theft and the
rights of certain victims of identity theft; providing penalties.

Eligible at 10:30 AM May 24, 2005:

HB 1820    Otto
Relating to the requirements for reporting certain information to
the attorney general or the legislature.

Eligible at 5:30 PM May 25, 2005:

SB 1050    Van de Putte
         SP: Bailey
Relating to the promotional system for municipal civil service fire

Eligible at 9:00 PM May 25, 2005:

HB 225    Driver / Keel / Hupp / Rose / Hegar / et al.
Relating to the expiration of a renewed license to carry a
concealed handgun.