Saturday, May 28, 2005


                 ******** CONFERENCE COMMITTEE ********

Conference Committee Reports:

ELIGIBLE AT 7:20 PM MAY 28, 2005:

HB 167    Smith, Wayne
Relating to the creation and authority of municipal development

HB 2438    Haggerty / Quintanilla
Relating to the acquisition and regulation of manufactured homes.

SB 368    Duncan / et al.
         SP: Hartnett / Luna / Pitts / King, Phil / Dutton
Relating to the compensation of state judges and to the computation
of retirement benefits for state judges and for members of the
elected class of the Employees Retirement System of Texas.

ELIGIBLE AT 10:15 PM MAY 28, 2005:

HB 283    Hope / Goolsby / Raymond / et al.
Relating to admission, assignment, and conduct of certain public
school students.

HB 1358    Flores
Relating to the jurisdiction of the Texas Commission on
Environmental Quality over certain water supply or sewer service

HB 1835    Talton
Relating to the apportionment of municipal infrastructure costs in
regard to certain property development projects.

HB 1855    Giddings
Relating to the deletion of certain electronic records concerning a
customer who issues a check; providing a civil penalty.

HB 2678    Smithee
Relating to the use of certain information to underwrite
professional liability insurance for physicians and health care

SB 757    Armbrister
         SP: Solomons
Relating to property in the custody of a pawnbroker; providing
criminal penalties.

SB 872    Nelson
         SP: Delisi
Relating to a study regarding the impact of niche hospitals on
other general hospitals and to certain reports and disclosure
requirements regarding niche hospitals.

ELIGIBLE AT 12:55 AM MAY 29, 2005:

HB 7    Solomons / Giddings / Hamric / Dunnam
Relating to the continuation and operation of the workers'
compensation system of this state, including changing the name of
the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission to the Texas Department
of Workers' Compensation, the powers and duties of the governing
authority of that department, the provision of workers'
compensation benefits to injured employees, and the regulation of
workers' compensation insurers; providing administrative and
criminal penalties.

ELIGIBLE AT 1:55 AM MAY 29, 2005:

SB 1    Ogden
         SP: Pitts
General Appropriations Bill.

ELIGIBLE AT 4:10 AM MAY 29, 2005:

SB 6    Nelson / et al.
         SP: Hupp / Uresti / Reyna / Goodman / Naishtat / et al.
Relating to protective services; providing penalties.

ELIGIBLE AT 4:30 AM MAY 29, 2005:

HB 3540    Pitts
Relating to certain fiscal matters affecting governmental entities;
providing penalties.