March 10, 2005

SB 5 (CS)        Staples/ Nelson
Relating to the continuation and operation of the workers'
compensation system of this state, including changing the name of
the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission to the Texas Department
of Workers' Compensation, the powers and duties of the governing
authority of that department, the provision of workers'
compensation benefits to injured employees, and the regulation of
workers' compensation insurers; providing administrative penalties.
Committee report printed and distributed 01:23 PM 03/09/05

SB 75             Shapleigh
Relating to high school diplomas for certain veterans.
Committee report printed and distributed 02:18 PM 03/07/05

SB 81 (CS)        Shapleigh
Relating to a joint partnership between the Texas Tech University
Health Sciences Center and The University of Texas at El Paso.
Committee report printed and distributed 03:52 PM 03/07/05

SB 212             Shapleigh
Relating to the provision of employment services by the Texas
Workforce Commission to the families of military personnel
stationed in this state.
Committee report printed and distributed 03:17 PM 03/07/05

SB 296             Madla
Relating to the student enrollment required for the operation of
Texas A&M University--San Antonio as an independent general
academic teaching institution.
Committee report printed and distributed 04:18 PM 03/07/05

                                  (A)    AMENDED IN COMMITTEE
                                  (CS)   COMMITTEE SUBSTITUTE
                                  (LC)   RECOMMENDED FOR LOCAL CALENDAR