SB 99             Ellis/ et al.              SP: Giddings
Relating to the extension of credit to a victim of identity theft.

SB 220             Carona                     SP: Grusendorf
Relating to the maintenance of records by a notary public.

SB 248             West, Royce                SP: McReynolds
Relating to authorizing the use of approved nonsurgical methods to
sterilize dogs and cats.

SB 552             Duncan                     SP: Hartnett
Relating to the creation of magistrates in Nolan County.

SB 879             Gallegos/ et al.           SP: Menendez
Relating to the regulation of firefighters and fire departments by
the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

SB 1103             Eltife                     SP: Hughes
Relating to the powers and duties of the General Land Office and
the disposition of certain unsurveyed public school land.

SB 1281             Armbrister                 SP: Bonnen
Relating to the regulation and permitting of a commercial
industrial solid waste facility connected to a publicly owned
treatment works facility.

SB 1471             Whitmire                   SP: Morrison
Relating to the regulation of certain promotional activities
conducted by alcoholic beverage permit and license holders.

SB 1641             Lucio                      SP: Oliveira
Relating to the continuation of the law authorizing the issuance of
oversize or overweight vehicle permits by certain port authorities.