SB 48             Nelson                     SP: Hupp
Relating to reporting requirements for convalescent and nursing
homes and related institutions.

SB 166             West, Royce                SP: Keel
Relating to the effect of an expunction.

SB 310             Deuell/ et al.             SP: Bohac
Relating to certain diseases or illnesses suffered by firefighters
and emergency medical technicians.

SB 316             Lucio                      SP: Solis
Relating to information provided to parents of newborn children.

SB 334             Duncan/ et al.             SP: Keffer, Bill
Relating to the remedy provided for failure to disclose certain
information in certain residential construction transactions.

SB 368             Duncan/ et al.             SP: Hartnett/ et al.
Relating to the compensation of state judges and to the computation
of retirement benefits for state judges and for members of the
elected class of the Employees Retirement System of Texas.

SB 396             Seliger                    SP: Allen, Ray
Relating to the interagency exchange of information regarding
certain offenders with special needs.

SB 419             Nelson                     SP: Solomons
Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas State Board
of Medical Examiners, Texas State Board of Physician Assistant
Examiners, and Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners and the
regulation of health care professions regulated by those state
agencies; providing administrative penalties.

SB 485             Armbrister                 SP: Bonnen
Relating to the regulation of underground and aboveground storage

SB 495             Williams                   SP: Turner
Relating to the fee paid to the attorney general for examining the
record of proceedings authorizing the issuance of a public security
or related credit agreement.

SB 522             Armbrister                 SP: Eiland
Relating to the Texas Emergency Services Retirement System;
providing an administrative penalty.

SB 624             Hinojosa                   SP: Talton
Relating to the regulation of bail bond sureties.

SB 679             Duncan                     SP: Keel
Relating to the procedure for determining the incompetency of a
defendant to stand trial.

SB 736             Brimer                     SP: Smith, Wayne
Relating to the authority of certain counties to apply a county
fire code to certain buildings.

SB 810             Averitt                    SP: Flores/ et al.
Relating to the regulation of the sale and inspection of real

SB 907             Whitmire                   SP: Woolley
Relating to authority of a peace officer to make an arrest outside
of the officer's jurisdiction or to seize property while making the

SB 912             Shapiro                    SP: Allen, Ray/ et al.
Relating to the civil commitment of sexually violent predators.

SB 1137             Madla/ Deuell/ Estes       SP: Swinford
Relating to the development of the wine industry and other
businesses related to agriculture or tourism in this state.

SB 1257             Lindsay                    SP: Callegari
Relating to the operation of a motor vehicle by a person who holds
a driver's license or a commercial driver's license.

SB 1330             Nelson                     SP: Coleman
Relating to the immunization of elderly persons by certain health
care facilities.

SB 1339             Madla                      SP: Straus
Relating to the limitation on the sales and use tax rate of a
political subdivision in an advanced transportation district.

SB 1354             Estes                      SP: Keffer, Jim
Relating to the protection of water quality in watersheds
threatened by quarry activities; establishing a pilot program in a
certain portion of the Brazos River watershed; providing penalties.

SB 1465             Whitmire                   SP: Ritter
Relating to the use of certain electronically readable information
on a driver's license or identification certificate to comply with
certain alcohol and tobacco related laws; providing a penalty.

SB 1850             Gallegos/ et al.           SP: Geren/ et al.
Relating to the regulation of certain businesses that sell beer or
beer and wine in certain counties; providing an administrative