SB 9             Staples                    SP: Corte
Relating to homeland security; providing a penalty.

SB 60             Lucio/ Ellis/ Hinojosa/ et al.
                      SP: Goolsby/ et al.
Relating to the representation of certain defendants in capital
cases and to the punishment for a capital felony or other felony
punishable by a term of imprisonment exceeding 99 years.

SB 307             Duncan                     SP: Coleman
Relating to a mental health court program.

SB 410             Whitmire                   SP: Truitt
Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas State Board
of Pharmacy; providing administrative penalties.

SB 411             Whitmire                   SP: Hamric
Relating to the regulation of barbers and cosmetologists by the
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and the abolition of
the State Board of Barber Examiners and the Texas Cosmetology

SB 526             Hinojosa                   SP: Martinez
Relating to a county's authority to impose a records archive fee.

SB 806             Averitt                    SP: Swinford
Relating to appointed members of the State Soil and Water
Conservation Board.

SB 874             Nelson                     SP: Hupp
Relating to quality-of-care monitoring visits to long-term care

SB 1038             Lucio                      SP: Oliveira
Relating to authorizing a special events trust fund to support
certain Olympic events, including training and development

SB 1052             Van de Putte               SP: Talton
Relating to the disclosure of certain information from an early
voting roster; providing a penalty.

SB 1055             Janek                      SP: Davis, John
Relating to an alternative method of satisfying certain licensing
requirements for assisted living facilities.

SB 1131             Hinojosa                   SP: Seaman
Relating to the conveyance of a ferry by the Texas Department of
Transportation to certain counties and local government

SB 1173             Armbrister                 SP: Solomons
Relating to the regulation of a perpetual care cemetery and the
sale of interment rights in a mausoleum before completion of

SB 1290             Wentworth                  SP: Chisum
Relating to the sale or use of certain refrigerants.

SB 1413             Shapleigh/ et al.          SP: Smith, Wayne
Relating to county brownfield cleanup and economic redevelopment

SB 1605             Ogden                      SP: Luna
Relating to the creation and re-creation of funds and accounts in
the state treasury, the dedication and rededication of revenue, and
the exemption of unappropriated money from use for general
governmental purposes.

SB 1668             Estes                      SP: Baxter
Relating to the consideration of payments to an affiliate in
computing rates for electric utilities.

SB 1710             Staples                    SP: Bonnen
Relating to outdoor burning under the Texas Clean Air Act.

SB 1831             Hinojosa                   SP: Luna
Relating to the creation of the Corpus Christi Aquifer Storage and
Recovery Conservation District.

SB 1892             Madla                      SP: Uresti
Relating to the creation of the Espada Development District;
providing authority to impose taxes and issue bonds.