The following bills have been certified for placement on the Local
  & Uncontested Calendar to be held Tuesday, April 26, 2005, at 8:00 a.m.

SB 66 (CS)(LC)    Nelson
Relating to the establishment of certain programs and initiatives
designed to prevent the manufacture and use of methamphetamine;
providing a penalty.

SB 99 (CS)(LC)    Ellis/ et al.
Relating to the extension of credit to a victim of identity theft.

SB 247 (CS)(LC)    West, Royce
Relating to permitting samples of produce at certain municipally
owned farmers' markets.

SB 411 (CS)(LC)    Whitmire
Relating to the regulation of barbers and cosmetologists by the
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and the abolition of
the State Board of Barber Examiners and the Texas Cosmetology

SB 419 (CS)(LC)    Nelson
Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas State Board
of Medical Examiners, Texas State Board of Physician Assistant
Examiners, and Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners and the
regulation of health care professions regulated by those state
agencies; providing administrative penalties.

SB 448 (CS)(LC)    Zaffirini
Relating to the Texas Academy of International Studies at Texas A&M
International University.

SB 465 (LC)        West, Royce
Relating to the administration of psychoactive medication to
certain patients.

SB 737 (LC)        Brimer
Relating to the prosecution of offenses involving the operating or
loading of an overweight vehicle in violation of certain laws.

SB 912 (CS)(LC)    Shapiro
Relating to the civil commitment of sexually violent predators.

SB 920 (LC)        Van de Putte
Relating to creating the Texas Treasure Award to honor businesses
that have existed in Texas for 50 years or more.

SB 928 (LC)        Ellis
Relating to the effect of annexation of territory on the terms of
members of the governing boards of certain junior college

SB 929 (LC)        Ellis
Relating to the service area of the Houston Community College
System District.

SB 998 (LC)        Madla
Relating to contracts with local workforce development boards.

SB 1005 (CS)(LC)    Carona
Relating to the suspension of sentence and the deferral of final
disposition for a defendant younger than 25 in certain misdemeanor
traffic cases.

SB 1009 (CS)(LC)    Harris
Relating to reporting of expenditures by persons registered as

SB 1010             Harris
Relating to prohibited conflicts of interest of registered

SB 1011 (CS)(LC)    Harris
Relating to restrictions on and reporting of certain expenditures
by registered lobbyists.

SB 1055 (CS)(LC)    Janek
Relating to an alternative method of satisfying certain licensing
requirements for assisted living facilities.

SB 1113 (CS)(LC)    Gallegos
Relating to allowing a hospital to release protected health
information of a patient to emergency medical services providers
for treatment, payment, and health care operations.

SB 1118 (LC)        Ellis
Relating to the authority to change the name of component
institutions of The Texas A&M University System.

SB 1139 (LC)        Eltife
Relating to monitoring by the Texas Building and Procurement
Commission and the Legislative Budget Board of the transfer of
surplus or salvage property by state agencies.

SB 1143 (CS)(LC)    Carona
Relating to a loan secured by personal property with limited
recourse against the borrower.

SB 1153 (CS)(LC)    Harris
Relating to suits affecting the parent-child relationship,
including proceedings for the establishment, modification, and
enforcement of child support; providing a civil penalty.

SB 1161 (CS)(LC)    Harris
Relating to corrected reports, registrations, and statements filed
with the Texas Ethics Commission.

SB 1185 (LC)        West, Royce
Relating to the qualifications of and training and continuing
education for certain officials and personnel of career schools or

SB 1188 (CS)(LC)    Nelson
Relating to the medical assistance program and the provision of
related services.

SB 1205 (CS)(LC)    Madla
Relating to allowing the creation of multi-jurisdictional library
districts; authorizing taxes and bonds.

SB 1226 (A)(LC)     Shapiro
Relating to a study of the reporting requirements imposed on public
institutions of higher education.

SB 1230 (LC)        Fraser
Relating to the authority of the state to fund the operations of
the unemployment compensation system.

SB 1247 (LC)        West, Royce
Relating to admission to the Joint Admission Medical Program.

SB 1318 (CS)(LC)    Staples
Relating to projects that may be undertaken by or supported by the
tax proceeds of certain development corporations.

SB 1336 (CS)(LC)    Madla
Relating to a requirement that the Texas Department of
Transportation sell or convey the Presidio International Bridge.

SB 1340 (CS)(LC)    Madla
Relating to the regulation and reimbursement of health care
services provided through telemedicine or telepsychiatry under the
state Medicaid program.

SB 1374 (A)(LC)     Staples
Relating to notice regarding an exception from elementary school
class size limits.

SB 1393 (CS)(LC)    Shapiro
Relating to the accountability of regional education service

SB 1457 (LC)        Wentworth
Relating to the authority of certain general-law municipalities to
annex certain areas.

SB 1498 (CS)(LC)    Fraser
Relating to the requirement for water district consent to certain
actions by municipalities that provide law enforcement or fire
protection services.

SB 1533 (CS)(LC)    Barrientos
Relating to parking by state employees in state-owned garages.

SB 1555 (CS)(LC)    Gallegos
Relating to taxes, assessments, and impact fees imposed on
residential property by the Greater East End Management District.

SB 1583 (LC)        Zaffirini/ et al.
Relating to notification of immunization requirements applicable to
public school students.

SB 1590 (LC)        Carona
Relating to use of electronically readable information from a
driver's license or personal identification certificate by a
commercial business.

SB 1663 (CS)(LC)    Eltife
Relating to emergency communication district participation in state
travel services contracts.

SB 1670 (LC)        Staples
Relating to a motor vehicle financial responsibility verification
program; providing a penalty.

SB 1792 (LC)        Wentworth
Relating to the South Buda Water Control and Improvement District
No. 1.