April 7, 2005


SJR 17             Staples
Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the denial of bail
to a criminal defendant who violates a condition of the defendant's
release pending trial.

SB 282 (CS)        Madla/ Brimer/ Lucio/ Van de Putte/ Zaffirini/
                      et al.
Relating to disclosure and use of sales price information for ad
valorem tax purposes.

SB 310 (CS)        Deuell/ et al.
Relating to certain diseases or illnesses suffered by firefighters
and emergency medical technicians.

SB 568 (CS)        Deuell
Relating to personal emergency response system providers; providing

SB 599             Staples
Relating to the eligibility of a criminal defendant for release
from jail after a delay in prosecution.


SB 716             Gallegos
Relating to payroll deductions for certain employees who are peace

SB 747             Carona/ Lindsay/ Wentworth/ Zaffirini/ et al.
Relating to establishing a demonstration project for women's health
care services.


SR 548             Carona
Congratulating Dr. Stephen K. Mittelstet on 25 years of outstanding
service as president of Richland College.

SR 549             Whitmire
Recognizing the week of April 10-16, 2005, as Texas Crime Victims' Rights

SR 563             Lucio/ Armbrister/ Averitt/ Barrientos/ Brimer/
                      et al.
In memory of His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

SR 564             Averitt
Commending Baylor University's Bob Bullock Scholars Program.


SB 37             Zaffirini
Relating to the right of certain sexual assault victims to a
forensic medical examination.

SB 56             Nelson
Relating to requiring notice before the amount of bail set in
certain cases is reduced.

SB 96             Shapleigh
Relating to the provision on the Internet of forms and permit or
license information by state agencies.

SB 149             Wentworth
Relating to the recording of certain aircraft repair and
maintenance liens; providing a criminal penalty.

SB 171             Harris
Relating to the emergency service fee rate in certain 9-1-1
emergency communication districts.

SB 183             Lucio/ Shapleigh/ Zaffirini
Relating to the appointment, operation, and recommendations of the
Border Trade Advisory Committee.

SB 188             Zaffirini
Relating to a memorandum of understanding between the Texas School
for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Texas Education Agency.

SB 189             Zaffirini
Relating to the operation of the Texas School for the Blind and
Visually Impaired.

SB 255             Carona
Relating to the removal of data from data processing equipment
disposed of or transferred by state agencies.

SB 307             Duncan
Relating to a mental health court program.

SB 338             Carona
Relating to the amount of the use tax imposed on certain motor
vehicles brought into this state by a new resident.

SB 355             Fraser
Relating to the authority of the Texas Commission on Environmental
Quality over the issuance of certain district bonds.

SB 359             Harris
Relating to notice regarding rental car damage waivers.

SB 424             Carona
Relating to the deadline for passing the examination for a license
to practice medicine in this state.

SB 428             Lindsay
Relating to the repeal of the requirement that the creation of the
Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 388 be confirmed by a
specific date.

SB 429             Lindsay
Relating to the repeal of the requirement that the creation of the
Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 387 be confirmed by a
specific date.

SB 461             Madla
Relating to the confidentiality of and access to certain personal
information in instruments recorded with a county clerk.

SB 492             Van de Putte
Relating to inspection of and drug compounding by a pharmacy and to
distribution of compounded and prepackaged drugs to pharmacies
under common ownership.

SB 495             Williams
Relating to the fee paid to the attorney general for examining the
record of proceedings authorizing the issuance of a public security
or related credit agreement.

SB 511             Deuell
Relating to public testimony at regular meetings of the governing
board of a general academic teaching institution.

SB 522             Armbrister
Relating to the Texas Emergency Services Retirement System;
providing an administrative penalty.

SB 527             Hinojosa
Relating to authorizing a sports recreation and wellness facility
fee at The University of Texas--Pan American.

SB 554             Duncan
Relating to the liability of an ERISA-regulated employee benefit
plan under certain state law.

SB 602             Ellis
Relating to the development of bicycle tourism trails in this

SB 637             Lindsay
Relating to the precedence of certain county highway access rules
and ordinances over highway access management orders of the Texas
Transportation Commission.

SB 644             Wentworth
Relating to the eligibility of persons to participate in the public
sale in certain counties of certain real property.

SB 651             Harris
Relating to the University of North Texas Health Science Center at
Fort Worth missing persons DNA database.

SB 672             Seliger
Relating to the Randall County Juvenile Board.

SB 693             Ogden
Relating to vacancies on municipal utility district boards.

SB 709             Carona
Relating to the amount of a late charge or reinstatement fee under
a rental-purchase agreement.

SB 718             Eltife
Relating to boundaries of emergency services districts.

SB 732             Williams
Relating to the administration of polygraph examinations to certain
applicants for positions in the Department of Public Safety of the
State of Texas.

SB 766             Wentworth
Relating to allowing a lodge or other local organization affiliated
with a grand lodge or similar charitable or benevolent institution
or order incorporated under state law to hold a charitable raffle.

SB 796             Lucio
Relating to the combative sports program.

SB 807             Averitt
Relating to interest rate ceilings on certain commercial loans.

SB 810             Averitt
Relating to the regulation of the sale and inspection of real

SB 812             Deuell
Relating to the powers of a community center.

SB 821             Lindsay
Relating to an administrative cost for the enforcement of the
collection of tolls in certain counties.

SB 866             Staples
Relating to the operation of authorized emergency vehicles
conducting a police escort.

SB 876             Lindsay
Relating to financial reporting requirements of a nonprofit

SB 903             Whitmire
Relating to certain persons that are special investigators.

SB 907             Whitmire
Relating to authority of a peace officer to make an arrest outside
of the officer's jurisdiction or to seize property while making the

SB 910             Whitmire
Relating to the repeal of certain obsolete laws defining and
regulating nitrous oxide as a volatile chemical.

SB 945             Armbrister
Relating to the filing of a disclosure statement by a vendor or
member of a governing body of a port authority or navigation
district; imposing a penalty.

SB 961             Shapiro
Relating to a clearinghouse of energy and water conservation
information and programs for school districts.

SB 963             Shapiro
Relating to the establishment of and liability for failing to
comply with certain administrative and instructional ratios for
public school districts.

SB 986             Duncan
Relating to the election of directors of the Wes-Tex Groundwater
Conservation District.

SB 988             Carona
Relating to education courses required for a mortgage broker or
loan officer license.

SB 1014             Harris
Relating to records on appeal in municipal courts of record.

SB 1088             Madla
Relating to the retirement system for firefighters and police
officers in certain municipalities.

SB 1641             Lucio
Relating to the continuation of the law authorizing the issuance of
oversize or overweight vehicle permits by certain port authorities.

SCR 7             Duncan
Urging the Supreme Court of Texas and the Court of Criminal Appeals
of Texas to adopt rules providing for the random assignment to courts
of appeals of cases pending or on appeal from counties with
overlapping appellate jurisdictions and adopt rules determining the
court of appeals precedent applicable in such randomly assigned cases.


SB 283 (LC)        Staples
Relating to a recreational sports fee at Stephen F. Austin State

SB 603 (CS)(LC)    Ellis/ et al.
Relating to the right of a foreign national to contact a foreign
consular official.

SB 748 (LC)        Lindsay
Relating to the use of funds received by certain special purpose
districts under a contract with a municipality.


HB 70             McClendon/ Escobar
Relating to the expedited payment of the lump-sum death benefit for
members of the Employees Retirement System of Texas.
State Affairs

HB 752             Giddings/ Gonzalez Toureilles/ Branch/ Bohac/
                      Rose/ et al.
Relating to the penalty for theft of identifying information.
Criminal Justice

HB 801             Uresti/ Chavez/ Branch
Relating to training for Department of Family and Protective
Services personnel receiving reports of child abuse and neglect.
Health & Human Services

HB 802             Uresti/ et al.
Relating to the investigation of certain reports of child abuse and
Health & Human Services

HB 976             Madden
Relating to allowing the Texas Building and Procurement Commission
to deliberate in a closed meeting regarding business and financial
considerations of a contract being negotiated.
State Affairs

HB 982             Reyna
Relating to posting a sign warning restaurant or bar employees
against fraudulent use or possession of identifying information;
providing a criminal penalty.
Business & Commerce

HB 1096             Edwards
Relating to the regulation of dogs in certain municipalities;
creating an offense.
Criminal Justice

HB 1098             McCall/ Branch
Relating to using the Internet to obtain identifying information of
another person for a fraudulent purpose; providing penalties.
Criminal Justice

HB 1114             Nixon
Relating to contributions by and benefits for certain members and
retirees under the Judicial Retirement System of Texas Plan Two.
State Affairs

HB 1161             Farabee
Relating to the provision of certain information to owners of oil
or gas royalty interests by the Railroad Commission of Texas.
Natural Resources

SB 1841             West, Royce
Relating to appointing certain recipients of housing assistance as
commissioners of public housing authorities.
Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1842             Ellis
Relating to the creation of the Greater Sharpstown Management
District; providing authority to levy an assessment, impose taxes
and issue bonds.
Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1843             Ellis
Relating to the creation of the International Management District;
providing authority to levy an assessment, impose taxes and issue
Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1844             Harris
Relating to scholarships for the fifth year of accounting programs
at public and private institutions of higher education.
S/C on Higher Education

SB 1845             Deuell
Relating to audit practices of pharmacy benefit plans.
State Affairs

SCR 27             West, Royce/ Armbrister/ Carona/ Duncan/ Estes/
                      et al.
Memorializing Congress to eliminate current caps on funded Medicare
resident training slots and related limits on costs per resident used to
determine Medicare graduate medical education reimbursement payments.
S/C on Higher Education

SB 799             Lucio
Relating to the eligibility of certain retired classroom teachers
for loans under the professional educators home loan program.
Rereferred from Education to Intergovernmental Relations