April 26, 2005


SB 39 (CS)(LC)    Zaffirini
Relating to continuing education in forensic evidence collection
for certain physicians and nurses.

SB 474 (CS)        Barrientos/ West, Royce/ et al.
Relating to safety regulations for certain extracurricular school

SB 809 (CS)        Averitt
Relating to the Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool.

SB 867 (LC)        Staples
Relating to the application of the motor vehicle sales tax
emissions reduction surcharge on certain recreational vehicles.

SB 1022 (CS)(LC)    Barrientos
Relating to the creation of the Bee Cave Development District;
providing authority to impose a tax and issue a bond or similar

SB 1130 (CS)(LC)    Hinojosa
Relating to a requirement that a common carrier or pipeline owner
or operator report contamination.

SB 1740 (CS)        Staples
Relating to construction activities allowed while an application is
pending with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

SB 1771             Deuell
Relating to the voluntary regulation of persons providing certain
ophthalmic goods and services.


SB 127 (CS)        Lindsay/ et al.
Relating to disease control programs to reduce the risk of certain
communicable diseases.

SB 440 (LC)        Ellis/ et al.
Relating to compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

SB 629 (LC)        Lucio
Relating to the rights of a purchaser under an executory contract
for conveyance of real property.


SR 682             Ogden
Recognizing April 26, 2005, as County and District Clerks Day at the
State Capitol.

HCR 9             Berman                     SP: Eltife
Honoring Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler on its 50th


SB 245             Gallegos                   SP: Phillips
Relating to local government authorization of charitable
solicitation by a pedestrian.


SB 6             Nelson/ et al.             SP: Hupp/ et al.
Relating to protective services; providing penalties.


SB 66             Nelson
Relating to the establishment of certain programs and initiatives
designed to prevent the manufacture and use of methamphetamine;
providing a penalty.

SB 99             Ellis/ et al.
Relating to the extension of credit to a victim of identity theft.

SB 247             West, Royce
Relating to permitting samples of produce at certain municipally
owned farmers' markets.

SB 411             Whitmire
Relating to the regulation of barbers and cosmetologists by the
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and the abolition of
the State Board of Barber Examiners and the Texas Cosmetology

SB 419             Nelson
Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas State Board
of Medical Examiners, Texas State Board of Physician Assistant
Examiners, and Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners and the
regulation of health care professions regulated by those state
agencies; providing administrative penalties.

SB 448             Zaffirini
Relating to the Texas Academy of International Studies at Texas A&M
International University.

SB 465             West, Royce
Relating to the administration of psychoactive medication to
certain patients.

SB 737             Brimer
Relating to the prosecution of offenses involving the operating or
loading of an overweight vehicle in violation of certain laws.

SB 912             Shapiro
Relating to the civil commitment of sexually violent predators.

SB 920             Van de Putte
Relating to creating the Texas Treasure Award to honor businesses
that have existed in Texas for 50 years or more.

SB 928             Ellis
Relating to the effect of annexation of territory on the terms of
members of the governing boards of certain junior college

SB 929             Ellis
Relating to the service area of the Houston Community College
System District.

SB 998             Madla
Relating to contracts with local workforce development boards.

SB 1005             Carona
Relating to the suspension of sentence and the deferral of final
disposition for a defendant younger than 25 in certain misdemeanor
traffic cases.

SB 1055             Janek
Relating to an alternative method of satisfying certain licensing
requirements for assisted living facilities.

SB 1113             Gallegos
Relating to allowing a hospital to release protected health
information of a patient to emergency medical services providers
for treatment, payment, and health care operations.

SB 1118             Ellis
Relating to the authority to change the name of component
institutions of The Texas A&M University System.

SB 1139             Eltife
Relating to monitoring by the Texas Building and Procurement
Commission and the Legislative Budget Board of the transfer of
surplus or salvage property by state agencies.

SB 1143             Carona
Relating to a loan secured by personal property with limited
recourse against the borrower.

SB 1153             Harris
Relating to suits affecting the parent-child relationship,
including proceedings for the establishment, modification, and
enforcement of child support; providing a civil penalty.

SB 1185             West, Royce
Relating to the qualifications of and training and continuing
education for certain officials and personnel of career schools or

SB 1188             Nelson
Relating to the medical assistance program and the provision of
related services.

SB 1205             Madla
Relating to allowing the creation of multi-jurisdictional library
districts; authorizing taxes and bonds.

SB 1226             Shapiro
Relating to a study of the reporting requirements imposed on public
institutions of higher education.

SB 1230             Fraser
Relating to the authority of the state to fund the operations of
the unemployment compensation system.

SB 1247             West, Royce
Relating to admission to the Joint Admission Medical Program.

SB 1318             Staples
Relating to projects that may be undertaken by or supported by the
tax proceeds of certain development corporations.

SB 1336             Madla
Relating to a requirement that the Texas Department of
Transportation sell or convey the Presidio International Bridge.

SB 1340             Madla
Relating to the regulation and reimbursement of health care
services provided through telemedicine or telepsychiatry under the
state Medicaid program.

SB 1374             Staples
Relating to notice regarding an exception from elementary school
class size limits.

SB 1393             Shapiro
Relating to the accountability of regional education service

SB 1457             Wentworth
Relating to the authority of certain general-law municipalities to
annex certain areas.

SB 1498             Fraser
Relating to the requirement for water district consent to certain
actions by municipalities that provide law enforcement or fire
protection services.

SB 1533             Barrientos
Relating to parking by state employees in state-owned garages.

SB 1555             Gallegos
Relating to taxes, assessments, and impact fees imposed on
residential property by the Greater East End Management District.

SB 1583             Zaffirini/ et al.
Relating to notification of immunization requirements applicable to
public school students.

SB 1590             Carona
Relating to use of electronically readable information from a
driver's license or personal identification certificate by a
commercial business.

SB 1663             Eltife
Relating to emergency communication district participation in state
travel services contracts.

SB 1670             Staples
Relating to a motor vehicle financial responsibility verification
program; providing a penalty.

SB 1792             Wentworth
Relating to the South Buda Water Control and Improvement District
No. 1.


SB 1009 (CS)(LC)    Harris
Relating to reporting of expenditures by persons registered as

SB 1010 (CS)(LC)    Harris
Relating to prohibited conflicts of interest of registered

SB 1011 (CS)(LC)    Harris
Relating to restrictions on and reporting of certain expenditures
by registered lobbyists.

SB 1161 (CS)(LC)    Harris
Relating to corrected reports, registrations, and statements filed
with the Texas Ethics Commission.


HB 64             McClendon/ Guillen
Relating to the automatic admission to public institutions of
higher education of certain undergraduate transfer students.
S/C on Higher Education

HB 126             Berman
Relating to the penalty for tampering with a governmental record
establishing residency for enrollment in a public school and to
residency requirements for public school enrollment.

HB 148             Harper-Brown
Relating to the probationary period of persons appointed to
beginning positions in certain fire or police departments.
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 214             Casteel
Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a hotel
occupancy tax.
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 252             Goodman
Relating to the use of parenting plans and parenting coordinators
in suits affecting the parent-child relationship.

HB 360             Talton
Relating to the punishment for the offense of aggravated assault.
Criminal Justice

HB 370             Farabee
Relating to deferred disposition of certain traffic offenses by
certain holders of out-of-state driver's licenses.
Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 410             Goodman
Relating to the property interests of spouses in connection with
certain separate and community property.

HB 412             Turner/ et al.
Relating to the use of credit scoring and credit history by certain
telecommunications and electric service providers.
Business & Commerce

HB 468             Hegar
Relating to driver and traffic safety education courses.
Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 495             Miller/ Hupp
Relating to the student enrollment required for the operation of
Texas A&M University--Central Texas as an independent general
academic teaching institution.
S/C on Higher Education

HB 504             Callegari
Relating to an offense involving a motor vehicle with an altered or
obscured license plate.
Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 526             Berman
Relating to limits placed on coverage amounts of certain group life
insurance policies or certificates.
State Affairs

HB 546             Bailey
Relating to certain medical examination requirements in connection
with an allegation of sexual assault of a child.
Criminal Justice

HB 585             Corte
Relating to the requirements for the incorporation of a
municipality in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of certain
existing municipalities.
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 614             Puente
Relating to foster care payments for certain children.
Health & Human Services

HB 632             Smith, Wayne
Relating to the historical advisory board of the San Jacinto
Natural Resources

HB 698             McCall
Relating to the disposal of certain business records that contain
personal identifying information; providing a civil penalty.
Business & Commerce

HB 720             Berman
Relating to the members of a local workforce development board.
Business & Commerce

HB 805             Martinez
Relating to allowing certain emergency and hospital personnel to
take the thumbprint of certain people who receive emergency
prehospital care.
Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 808             Driver
Relating to exempting an accountant from regulation as a private
Business & Commerce

HB 858             Kolkhorst/ Cook, Robby
Relating to the issuance of a marriage license to applicants who
are unable to personally appear before the county clerk.

HB 881             Seaman
Relating to the dissolution of the Aransas County Conservation and
Reclamation District.
Natural Resources

HB 907             Campbell
Relating to the membership of the Critical Infrastructure
Protection Council.
Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 943             Geren
Relating to evidence establishing ownership of a vessel for a
certificate of title issued by the Parks and Wildlife Department.
Natural Resources

HB 952             Delisi
Relating to a pilot program to provide health services to state
employees in state office complexes.
Government Organization

HB 956             Dunnam
Relating to the composition of the juvenile board of Leon County.

HB 1011             Hilderbran
Relating to the removal of the dedication for certain cemeteries.

HB 1018             Noriega, Melissa
Relating to the amount of liability insurance required to be
maintained on certain school buses owned by a motor carrier.
Business & Commerce

HB 1179             Dutton
Relating to the authority of an associate judge in certain family
law cases.

HB 1186             Hartnett
Relating to testamentary and nontestamentary transfers of property
and other benefits and to jurisdiction of courts over certain
probate matters.

HB 1188             Hartnett/ Anchia
Relating to the criteria for designation of a reinvestment zone for
purposes of tax increment financing and to the powers of a
municipality that has created a reinvestment zone.
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1191             Hartnett
Relating to guardianship matters and proceedings.

HB 1480             Gattis
Relating to the issuance of special license plates to benefit
certain programs.
Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 1531             Jackson, Jim/ et al.
Relating to telematics services excepted from private security
Business & Commerce

HB 1534             Rose
Relating to the appointment of a sheriff, municipal police officer,
and firefighter to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Council.
Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 1558             Davis, John
Relating to an alternative method of satisfying certain licensing
and program participation requirements for assisted living
Health & Human Services

HB 1586             West, George "Buddy"
Relating to the transaction of business by the Court of Appeals for
the Eleventh Court of Appeals District.

HB 1630             McReynolds
Relating to an excused absence from a public institution of higher
education for a person called to active military service.
S/C on Higher Education

HB 1646             Hughes
Relating to the definition of all-terrain vehicle in the
certificate of title and the motor vehicle registration laws.
Transportation & Homeland Security

HB 1673             Cook, Robby
Relating to the procedure for conversion and creation of a special
utility district.
Natural Resources

HB 1690             Keel/ Hill/ Frost/ Hodge/ Nixon/ et al.
Relating to common nuisance.
State Affairs

HB 1695             Hegar
Relating to the appointment and jurisdiction of cattle rangers.
Criminal Justice

HB 1745             Seaman
Relating to the disqualification of certain temporary employees for
unemployment compensation benefits.
Business & Commerce

HB 1759             Keel
Relating to the eligibility for jury-recommended community
supervision and to the conditions of community supervision for
certain defendants convicted of state jail felonies.
Criminal Justice

HB 1807             Driver
Relating to the offense of attack on an assistance animal.
Criminal Justice

HB 1813             Pickett
Relating to historical reenactments on premises permitted or
licensed under the Alcoholic Beverage Code.
Criminal Justice

HB 1820             Otto
Relating to the requirements for reporting certain information to
the attorney general or the legislature.
Government Organization

HB 1901             Smith, Wayne
Relating to the maximum reservation for certain individual projects
of a portion of the state ceiling for private activity bonds.

HB 1935             Keffer, Jim
Relating to the acceptance of credit cards by a water district for
the payment of fees and charges imposed by the district.
Natural Resources

HB 1937             Ritter
Relating to the authority of certain counties to create county
assistance districts for certain purposes.
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1951             Dawson/ Bonnen
Relating to the creation of a judicial district composed of
Brazoria County.

HB 1958             Haggerty
Relating to the authority of certain persons to bring suit to
require an appraisal district or an appraisal review board to
comply with the property tax laws.
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1959             McReynolds
Relating to the hunting of deer with dogs and the taking of
wildlife resources without the consent of the landowner; providing
Natural Resources

HB 1981             Blake/ McReynolds
Relating to the amount of the fee that the Pineywoods Groundwater
Conservation District may impose on a well.
Natural Resources

HB 1987             Bonnen
Relating to the regulation of underground and aboveground storage
Natural Resources

HB 1996             Hunter
Relating to the election of directors of the Wes-Tex Groundwater
Conservation District.
Natural Resources

HB 2024             Hilderbran/ Guillen
Relating to hunter education.
Natural Resources

HB 2032             Hilderbran
Relating to the expansion of the operation game thief program to
include certain other violations of law.
Natural Resources

HB 2046             Puente
Relating to the applicability of the open meetings law to actions
taken by certain directors of a water district;  providing a
criminal penalty.
State Affairs

HB 2096             Bonnen
Relating to the removal and disposal of certain vessels and
structures in certain locations; providing penalties.
Natural Resources

HB 2172             West, George "Buddy"
Relating to eligibility for a license or registration for an
exemption to engage in liquefied petroleum gas-related activities
and to disciplinary action against licensees and registrants.
Natural Resources

HB 2174             Phillips
Relating to the terms of court of the 15th, 59th, and 336th
District Courts.

HB 2195             Madden
Relating to the disclosure of certain confidential health
information to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.
Criminal Justice

HB 2196             Madden
Relating to the transfer of surplus data processing equipment to
the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.
Government Organization

HB 2256             Gallego
Relating to the terms of court of the 112th Judicial District.

HB 2267             Smith, Wayne
Relating to the powers of the Coastal Water Authority; providing
the authority to impose a tax; affecting the authority to issue
Business & Commerce

HB 2298             Smithee
Relating to elimination of certain rate rollbacks for insurance
premium rates for windstorm insurance.
Business & Commerce

HB 2331             Morrison
Relating to the emergency possession of certain abandoned children;
providing a penalty.
Health & Human Services

HB 2336             Corte
Relating to reimbursement of certain expenses for members of the
Texas Military Facilities Commission.
Veteran Affairs & Military Installations

HB 2384             Madden/ Noriega, Melissa
Relating to the composition of the Advisory Committee to the Texas
Board of Criminal Justice on Offenders with Medical or Mental
Criminal Justice

HB 2428             Puente
Relating to water and energy saving performance standards for
commercial prerinse spray valves.
Natural Resources

HB 2430             Puente/ Rose
Relating to the establishment of a rainwater harvesting evaluation
Natural Resources

HB 2440             West, George "Buddy"
Relating to the regulation by the Railroad Commission of Texas of
activities associated with multiple accumulations of hydrocarbons
from which production by commingling of hydrocarbons is authorized.
Natural Resources

HB 2555             Kuempel
Relating to the humane dispatch of certain game animals and game
Natural Resources

HB 2584             Hilderbran
Relating to the Kimble County Hospital District of Kimble County,
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2587             Hilderbran
Relating to the Schleicher County Hospital District.
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2614             Eiland
Relating to the applicability of certain insurance laws to Lloyd's
plans and reciprocal and interinsurance exchanges.
Business & Commerce

HB 2626             Smith, Wayne
Relating to the penalties and fees imposed by municipalities and
counties in relation to certain false alarms.
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2760             Taylor
Relating to regulation of rates for personal automobile and fire
and allied lines insurance policies issued by a county mutual
insurance company.
Business & Commerce

HB 2885             Giddings
Relating to an arrest warrant or complaint for the issuance of a
bad check.
Criminal Justice

HB 2892             Luna
Relating to conditions of employment for firefighters employed by
certain municipalities.
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2926             Hamric
Relating to the procedure for listing property in the appraisal
records following certain ad valorem tax sales.
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2961             Paxton
Relating to the repeal of certain requirements for the Texas
Workforce Commission's administration of federally established
day-care programs.
Business & Commerce

HB 2962             Paxton
Relating to the abolition of the work and family policies advisory
committee and the work and family policies fund.
Business & Commerce

HB 3199             Hope
Relating to the terms of court of the 410th District Court.

HB 3265             Straus/ Pena
Relating to the declaration of a mistrial in the punishment phase
of a criminal proceeding.

HB 3340             Hughes
Relating to surveys accepted for filing in the official records of
the General Land Office.
Natural Resources

HB 3353             Driver
Relating to the continuation of certain offenses and certain
statutes involving the interception of certain communications.
Criminal Justice

HB 3481             Hope
Relating to the appointment of magistrates in the district courts
and statutory county courts in Montgomery County.

HB 3489             Dawson/ Bonnen
Relating to the creation of an additional statutory county court in
Brazoria County.

HCR 13             Chavez/ Oliveira/ Turner/ Luna/ Castro/ et al.
Memorializing Congress to allow Mexican visitors the same six-month
length of stay afforded to Canadian travelers.
International Relations & Trade

HCR 71             Bonnen
Designating Texas purple sage (Leucophyllum frutescens) as the
official State Native Shrub of Texas.

HCR 93             Cook, Robby/ Bohac/ Crabb
Designating Schulenburg the Official Home of the Painted Churches
of Texas.
Intergovernmental Relations