SB 412             Nelson
Relating to the governmental entities subject to the sunset review
Government Organization

SB 413             Shapleigh
Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas State Board
of Examiners of Dietitians.
Government Organization

SB 414             Carona
Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas State Board
of Examiners of Professional Counselors; providing an
administrative penalty.
Government Organization

SB 415             Shapleigh
Relating to continuation and functions of the Texas State Board of
Social Worker Examiners.
Government Organization

SB 451             Wentworth
Relating to the qualifications for service as a grand or petit
juror and challenges for cause.

SB 452             Wentworth
Relating to transferring the duties of the Texas Building and
Procurement Commission under the public information law to the
attorney general.
Government Organization

SB 453             Armbrister
Relating to the disposition of an abandoned watercraft.
S/C on Agriculture & Coastal Resources

SB 454             Armbrister
Relating to commercial shrimp boat licenses and to the creation of
a gulf shrimp license management program.
S/C on Agriculture & Coastal Resources

SB 455             Armbrister
Relating to the construction of artificial reefs.
S/C on Agriculture & Coastal Resources

SB 456             Fraser
Relating to transportation of loose materials.
Transportation & Homeland Security

SB 457             Fraser
Relating to procedures for providing notice of intent to obtain
certain permits issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental
Natural Resources

SB 458             Fraser
Relating to governmental contingent fee contracts for legal
services entered into by a local governmental entity.
State Affairs

SB 459             Staples
Relating to the valuation of state-owned real property.
Natural Resources

SB 460             Armbrister
Relating to the regulation of podiatry.
Health & Human Services

SB 461             Madla
Relating to the confidentiality of and access to certain personal
information in instruments recorded with a county clerk.
Intergovernmental Relations

SB 462             Eltife
Relating to the issuance of revenue bonds for Texas A&M

SB 463             Shapleigh
Relating to the discharge of certain costs and fines in a criminal
Criminal Justice

SB 464             Ellis
Relating to the duration of judgment liens in favor of the state.
Government Organization

SB 465             West, Royce
Relating to the administration of psychoactive medication to
certain patients.
Health & Human Services

SB 466             Fraser
Relating to the creation and authority of municipal development
Intergovernmental Relations

SB 467             Lucio/ Hinojosa
Relating to a risk assessment for Type 2 diabetes.

SB 468             Deuell
Relating to the depository designated by the Hunt Memorial Hospital
Intergovernmental Relations

SB 469             Averitt
Relating to time and cost limitations in certain contracts offered
by a health maintenance organization.
State Affairs

SB 470             Averitt
Relating to the portion of designated tuition set aside to fund
financial assistance for resident undergraduate and graduate
students at public institutions of higher education.

SB 471             Hinojosa
Relating to the Texas Coastal Ocean Observation Network.
S/C on Agriculture & Coastal Resources

SB 472             Hinojosa
Relating to the abolition of certain water control and improvement
Natural Resources

SB 473             Jackson, Mike
Relating to a prohibition on the regulation of emissions from
residential water heaters.
Natural Resources

SB 474             Barrientos/ West, Royce
Relating to safety regulations for certain extracurricular school

SB 475             Ellis
Relating to the offense of tampering with a direct recording
electronic voting machine; providing criminal penalties.
State Affairs

SB 476             Ellis
Relating to the payment of child support obligations on behalf of
persons wrongfully imprisoned.
Criminal Justice

SB 477             Wentworth
Relating to emergency contraception drug therapy initiated and
distributed by a pharmacist to a patient in accordance with drug
therapy protocol.
Health & Human Services

SB 478             Barrientos
Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a local tax
on the sale of gasoline and to the use of the tax revenue by a
regional mobility authority.

SB 479             Barrientos
Relating to protecting students and employees at an institution of
higher education from threatened acts of violence.
S/C on Higher Education

SB 480             Hinojosa
Relating to the authority of a city to take certain actions with
regard to certain pipelines.
Natural Resources

SB 481             Wentworth
Relating to creating an offense for the unauthorized operation of a
recording device in a motion picture theater.
State Affairs

SB 482             Shapiro
Relating to the retirement benefits payable to retirees of the
Teacher Retirement System of Texas who are employed as teacher

SB 483             Staples
Relating to allowing designated public school libraries to
participate in group purchasing agreements with the TexShare
Library Consortium.
Government Organization

SB 484             Barrientos/ Ellis
Relating to restrictions on the imposition of the operating permit
fee under the Clean Air Act.
Natural Resources

SB 485             Armbrister
Relating to the regulation of underground and aboveground storage
Natural Resources

SB 486             Armbrister
Relating to participation and credit in, contributions to, and
benefits and administration of the Texas County and District
Retirement System.
State Affairs

SB 487             Lucio
Relating to structures on coastal public land.
S/C on Agriculture & Coastal Resources

SB 488             Lucio/ Madla/ Van de Putte/ West, Royce
Relating to certain low-interest home loan programs administered by
the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation.
Intergovernmental Relations

SB 489             Estes
Relating to the license requirements of marine dealers,
distributors, and manufacturers.
Natural Resources

SB 490             Estes
Relating to an action for damages alleging professional negligence
by a registered professional land surveyor.
State Affairs

SB 491             Janek
Relating to the eligibility of certain community supervision and
corrections department employees, retired employees, and dependents
of employees and retired employees to participate in the group
benefits program for state employees.
Intergovernmental Relations

SB 492             Van de Putte
Relating to drug compounding by a pharmacy for a practitioner's
office use and to distribution of compounded and repackaged drugs
to pharmacies under common ownership.
Health & Human Services

SB 493             Van de Putte
Relating to reducing paperwork required of school districts and
school district employees.