SB 302             Ellis
Relating to reports of strategies for increasing minority
participation in higher education.
S/C on Higher Education

SB 303             Ellis
Relating to notice of factors used in admissions and scholarship
decisions at certain public institutions of higher education.
S/C on Higher Education

SB 320             Wentworth/ Armbrister/ Brimer/ Carona/ Duncan/
                      et al.
Relating to admission to certain public institutions of higher
S/C on Higher Education

SB 494             Williams
Relating to permissive interlocutory appeals in civil actions.
State Affairs

SB 495             Williams
Relating to the fee paid to the attorney general for examining the
record of proceedings authorizing the issuance of a public security
or related credit agreement.
Business & Commerce

SB 496             Williams
Relating to the validation of any act, governmental proceeding,
official, bond, or obligation of a navigation district or port
authority or a corporation of the district or authority.
Natural Resources

SB 497             Williams
Relating to the qualifications and removal of a constable.
Criminal Justice

SB 498             Shapleigh
Relating to the development of a financial literacy program for

SB 500             West, Royce
Relating to prices charged for the provision of health care
State Affairs

SB 501             West, Royce
Relating to indemnification provisions in health care provider
State Affairs

SB 502             West, Royce
Relating to common undergraduate admission application forms for
public institutions of higher education in this state.
S/C on Higher Education

SB 503             West, Royce
Relating to making the award of an arbitration an open record.
Business & Commerce

SB 504             West, Royce
Relating to the filing of certain information by arbitrators after
each arbitration.
Business & Commerce

SB 505             West, Royce
Relating to registration of arbitrators and arbitration services
providers with the secretary of state.
Business & Commerce

SJR 14             Seliger
Proposing a constitutional amendment allowing a county to abolish
and reinstate the office of constable in the county or in a
precinct of the county.
Intergovernmental Relations


SB 255             Carona
Relating to the removal of data from data processing equipment
disposed of or transferred by state agencies.
REREFERRED FROM Government Organization TO S/C on Emerging Technologies