HB 178             Denny
Relating to the use of electronically readable information from a
driver's license or personal identification card in an election.
State Affairs

HB 233             Martinez/ Escobar/ Gonzales/ Pena/ et al.
Relating to the securing by municipal police officers of a scene to
which the municipality's emergency ambulance service responds.
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 340             Seaman/ Herrero
Relating to the authority of a navigation district to establish a
volunteer police reserve force and to the state law enforcement
authority of certain federal peace officers.
Natural Resources

HB 345             Solomons
Relating to the disclosure of certain information provided on a
voter registration application.
State Affairs

HB 550             Phillips
Relating to the preparation of and procedures related to a
presentence report in a felony case.
Criminal Justice

HB 654             Goolsby
Relating to professional liability insurance for volunteer health
care providers.
State Affairs

HB 824             Talton/ Riddle
Relating to a requirement that appraisal review board members
complete a training and education course biennially.
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 900             Chavez/ Woolley/ Veasey/ Cook, Byron/ Castro/
                      et al.
Relating to the requirement that workforce development programs
provide training in financial literacy.
Business & Commerce

HB 975             Madden
Relating to a deposition taken of a witness in a criminal action.
Criminal Justice

HB 1116             Solomons/ Hamric/ Truitt/ Dunnam
Relating to the governmental entities subject to the sunset review
Government Organization

HB 1528             Woolley/ Menendez/ et al.
Relating to the expiration of the other events trust fund
established to support local efforts to recruit or retain certain
sports events.
Business & Commerce

HB 1540             Bonnen
Relating to the regulation by the Texas Commission on Environmental
Quality of the idling of a motor vehicle while the driver is using
the vehicle's sleeper berth; providing a penalty.
Natural Resources

HB 1587             West, George "Buddy"
Relating to liability and validation issues of the Downtown Midland
Management District.
Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1938             Ritter/ Menendez/ Anchia/ Branch
Relating to the award of a grant and reporting requirements under
the Texas Enterprise Fund.
S/C on Emerging Technologies & Economic Dev.

HB 2228             McCall/ Hegar/ Woolley/ Eiland/ Keel/ et al.
Relating to the creation of the offense of online sexual
solicitation of a minor.
Criminal Justice

HB 2795             Hartnett
Relating to certain appointments made by the governor and the chief
justice of the supreme court.

SB 1852             Van de Putte
Relating to consideration of a person's eligibility for a tuition
and fee exemption for certain veterans or their family members in
determining whether to admit the person into a certificate or
degree program of a public institution of higher education.
Veteran Affairs & Military Installations

SB 1855             Deuell
Relating to the creation of the Rockwall County Municipal Utility
Districts Nos. 6, 7, 8, and 9; providing authority to impose a tax
and issue bonds; granting the power of eminent domain.
Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1856             Deuell
Relating to tax increment financing.
Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1857             Madla
Relating to the consolidation of the Kinney County Groundwater
Conservation District into the Edwards Aquifer Authority.
Natural Resources

SB 1858             Armbrister
Relating to the authority of a local government to enforce a water
pollution control and abatement program and establish standards and
practices for water quality.
Natural Resources

SB 1859             Lindsay
Relating to the annexation of territory by a junior college
S/C on Higher Education