HB 183             Brown, Fred/ Anchia/ Callegari/ McClendon/
                      Gonzalez Toureilles
Relating to the prosecution of offenses involving the use of safety
belts and child passenger safety seat systems.
Transportation & Homeland Security

HJR 6             Chisum/ Hartnett/ Hopson/ Howard/ McReynolds/
                      et al.
Proposing a constitutional amendment providing that marriage in
this state consists only of the union of one man and one woman.
State Affairs

HJR 87             Farabee
Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the membership of
the State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

SB 1884             Ellis
Relating to the creation of the Harris County Municipal Utility District
No. 460; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting
the power of eminent domain.
Intergovernmental Relations

SCR 32             Averitt
Opposing any proposal to close the Waco Veterans Affairs Hospital
and urging Texans and veterans to express their support for the
hospital and it retention.
Veteran Affairs & Military Installations