NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Public Education

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Tuesday, April 26, 2005

PLACE: E2.036

CHAIR: Rep. Kent Grusendorf


HB 759            McReynolds
Relating to service of certain public school administrators as
teachers in the classroom.

HB 779            Luna
Relating to bilingual education and special language programs in
public schools.

HB 783            Eissler
Relating to notice to educators of a public school student's
misconduct and to placement of a student who has assaulted a

HB 849            Brown, Betty
Relating to releasing the question and answer keys for certain
academic assessment instruments administered to public school

HB 871            Dutton
Relating to the provision of and funding for Saturday classes for
elementary school students who fail to pass certain assessment

HB 889            Smith, Todd
Relating to the optional flexible year program for public school
students who fail to perform satisfactorily on an assessment
instrument or who would not otherwise be promoted.

HB 1024            Farrar
Relating to contact between a public school student who assaults
another student and the student victim.

HB 1034            Rose
Relating to notification provided by certain health care
professionals to students and parents or guardians of students who
participate in extracurricular sports activities sponsored or
sanctioned by the University Interscholastic League.

HB 1106            Howard
Relating to the repeal of the Public School Facilities Funding Act.

HB 1277            Casteel
Relating to limits on the size of prekindergarten classes in public

HB 1325            Eissler
Relating to the ability of public school employees to communicate
with members of a school district board of trustees.

HB 1406            Vo
Relating to the availability of automated external defibrillators
at certain public school campuses.

HB 1487            Eissler
Relating to the age of children for whom public school kindergarten
must be provided.

HB 1689            Dutton
Relating to the burden of proof required to remove or expel a
student from public school.

HB 1757            Olivo
Relating to reporting regarding the academic performance of
students placed in disciplinary alternative education programs.

HB 1758            Olivo
Relating to school district reporting of students placed in
disciplinary alternative education programs or expelled from

HB 1805            Campbell
Relating to the provision of alcohol and substance abuse programs
by school districts.

HB 1974            Mowery
Relating to release by the Texas Education Agency of questions and
answer keys to assessment instruments.

HB 2109            Berman
Relating to the Early High School Graduation Scholarship Program.

HB 2327            Villarreal
Relating to the creation of the blue ribbon task force on early
childhood education.

HB 2534            Chisum
Relating to the content requirements and limitations for public
school textbooks.

HB 2578            Rodriguez / et al.
Relating to providing the national free or reduced-price breakfast
and lunch program to a greater number of public school students.

HB 2742            Casteel
Relating to the recall of school trustees.

HB 2847            Olivo
Relating to training for school resource officers and school
district peace officers.

HB 3009            Grusendorf
Relating to certification of educators.

HB 3012            Grusendorf
Relating to public education investment capital fund

HJR 92            Olivo
Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing compensation for
public school employees and retired public school employees serving
as members of local governing bodies.

SB 124            Shapiro
Relating to a review of the rule concerning the content of
individualized education programs for students with autism or other
pervasive developmental disorders.

SB 493            Van de Putte
Relating to reducing paperwork required of school districts and
school district employees.

HB 220            Howard / et al.
Relating to the State Board of Education review of public school

HB 221            Howard
Relating to certain requirements relating to public school reading
and mathematics instruction and textbooks.

HB 529            Howard
Relating to parental notice of supplemental presentations at public

HB 515            Madden
Relating to standards adopted by the commissioner of education for
adequacy of public school facilities.

HB 524            Mowery
Relating to an exemption from the requirement of compulsory
attendance at public school for certain high-performing students.

HB 531            Howard
Relating to protection of private family information of children
attending public schools.

HB 1826            Grusendorf
Relating to the use of school district resources for the
maintenance of real property not owned or leased by the district.

HB 2877            Keffer, Bill
Relating to public education.

HB 3359            Hunter
Relating to the provision of free prekindergarten for the children
of public school educators.