HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                          NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Public Education

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Tuesday, May 3, 2005

PLACE: E2.036

CHAIR: Rep. Kent Grusendorf


HB 253            Naishtat / et al.
Relating to the adoption of public school textbooks.

HB 328            Dukes
Relating to promoting the importance of higher education in public

HB 444            Leibowitz / et al.
Relating to the proximity of a school bus stop to the residence of
a sex offender or sexually violent predator.

HB 451            Dutton
Relating to a study and report by the commissioner of education
concerning public school students' campus and school district
assignments and transfers, operation of public schools, and public
school attendance.

HB 517            Guillen / et al.
Relating to daily physical activity requirements in public schools.

HB 527            Bohac / et al.
Relating to the punishment of certain assaults committed against
employees of primary and secondary schools.

HB 620            Olivo / et al.
Relating to accountability under the statewide public school
accountability system for a student placed in a disciplinary
alternative education program.

HB 621            Olivo
Relating to training of school district peace officers and security
personnel in certain discipline management practices and behavior
management techniques.

HB 622            Olivo
Relating to the placement of a student with disabilities in a
juvenile justice alternative education program.

HB 623            Olivo
Relating to the right of a parent of a public school student to
immediate notice of certain disciplinary action taken against the

HB 624            Olivo
Relating to discipline of public school students.

HB 827            Branch
Relating to the designation of research centers to evaluate state
or federally funded education programs and the sharing of student

HB 977            Leibowitz / et al.
Relating to the proximity of the residences of certain sex
offenders or sexually violent predators to public schools.

HB 1166            Dukes
Relating to public school policies designed to prevent dating

HB 1560            Strama
Relating to the absence of a student from public school for certain

HB 1612            Olivo
Relating to promotion of students to certain grade levels in public

HB 1613            Olivo
Relating to the requirements for a high school diploma.

HB 2127            Olivo
Relating to transportation to and from a disciplinary alternative
education program or juvenile justice alternative education program
and the length of a school day at a disciplinary alternative
education program.

HB 2413            Allen, Alma / et al.
Relating to corporal punishment in public schools.

HB 2464            Dawson
Relating to requiring skin cancer prevention instruction in public

HB 2605            Guillen
Relating to eligibility of children with learning disabilities for
free public prekindergarten classes.

HB 2778            Harper-Brown
Relating to the continued operation of certain open-enrollment
charter school campuses for which the charter is revoked, not
renewed, or surrendered.

HB 2831            Herrero
Relating to social security coverage for employees  of public
school districts.

HB 2953            Kolkhorst
Relating to the identification of public school students through
the use of radio frequency identification technology.



HB 451