NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Business & Commerce

TIME & DATE:  9:00AM, Thursday, March 31, 2005

PLACE: Betty King Committee Room

CHAIR: Senator Troy Fraser

To consider the following:

SB 314            Gallegos
Relating to the emergency service fee rate in certain 9-1-1
emergency communication districts.

SB 686            Carona
Relating to the regulation of air conditioning and refrigeration

SB 743            Fraser
Relating to independent organizations in ERCOT and their regulation
and certification by the Public Utility Commission of Texas;
providing an administrative penalty.

SB 846            Janek
Relating to distribution of recordings on consignment.

SB 1112            Eltife
Relating to debt management services; providing a penalty.

SB 1447            Averitt
Relating to electric utility employee pension and other post
retirement benefit expense.

SB 1494            Fraser
Relating to the unbundling of electric utilities in the transition
to competitive retail electric markets in the Electric Reliability
Council of Texas.

SB 1495            Fraser
Relating to the securitization of the nonbypassable delivery rates
of transmission and distribution utilities.

SB 1563            Estes
Relating to uniform law on negotiable instruments and bank deposits
and collections.

SB 1593            Carona
Relating to uniform law on documents of title.