NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Business & Commerce

TIME & DATE:  9:00AM, Thursday, April 21, 2005

PLACE: Betty King Committee Room

CHAIR: Senator Troy Fraser

To consider the following:

SB 246            Gallegos
Relating to the creation of an offense involving certain sales of
tickets to events; providing a penalty.

SB 617            Shapleigh
Relating to certain lending practices in connection with a home

SB 618            Shapleigh
Relating to disclosures in connection with certain home loans;
providing a penalty.

SB 625            Shapleigh
Relating to enforcement of certain consumer lending laws.

SB 1056            Lucio
Relating to the forced sale of an owner's interest in certain real

SB 1748            Fraser
Relating to the development and provision of broadband over
electric delivery systems and the development of enhanced electric
delivery systems.

HB 1154            Elkins                   SP: Averitt
Relating to limited liability companies and partnerships.

HB 1236            Paxton                   SP: Harris
Relating to an exemption from The Real Estate License Act for
persons who conduct foreclosure sales.

HB 1286            Callegari                SP: Brimer
Relating to the regulation of service contract providers and

HB 1319            Giddings                 SP: Fraser
Relating to business entities and associations.

HB 1507            Solomons                 SP: Fraser
Relating to the regulation of corporations; providing a penalty.

Subcommittee Reports:

SB 831            Shapiro
Relating to the creation of programs and funding for emerging
technology industries.

SB 1764            Gallegos
Relating to the creation of the Airline Improvement District;
providing authority to impose a tax and issue a bond or similar



SB 1748