NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Business & Commerce

TIME & DATE:  9:00AM, Thursday, April 28, 2005

PLACE: Betty King Committee Room

CHAIR: Senator Troy Fraser

To consider the following:

SB 1291            Lucio
Relating to the termination of agreements with certain insurance

SB 1564            Janek
Relating to the repeal of the requirement for a surety bond for
licensure of surplus lines insurance agents.

HB 74            Naishtat / et al.        SP: Fraser
Relating to exempting school districts from certain mold assessor
and remediation licensing requirements.

HB 207            Goodman                  SP: Brimer
Relating to the reduction of registration, license, and renewal
fees required to be paid by certain land surveyors.

HB 532            Howard                   SP: Janek
Relating to certain investments by title insurance companies.

HB 1201            Seaman                   SP: Averitt
Relating to the appointment of certain temporary insurance agents.

HB 1328            Naishtat                 SP: Fraser
Relating to certificates of mold remediation.

HB 1817            Driver                   SP: Brimer
Relating to the regulation of the practice of engineering.

HB 2565            Eiland                   SP: Lucio
Relating to prohibiting rebates regarding certain insurance

HB 2987            Nixon                    SP: Armbrister
Relating to funding advanced in connection with a lawsuit that is
at a rate above the usurious interest prohibition.

HCR 59            Eiland                   SP: Averitt
Opposing the State Modernization and Regulatory Transparency
(SMART) Act and any similar federal legislation that would
interfere with the ability of state governments to regulate the
business of insurance.

Subcommittee Reports:

SB 831            Shapiro
Relating to the creation of programs and funding for emerging
technology industries.

SB 1038            Lucio
Relating to authorizing a special events trust fund to support
certain Olympic events, including training and development

SB 1711            Staples
Relating to the creation of and funding for the Texas
Entrepreneurship Network.