NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: S/C on Emerging Technologies & Economic Dev.

TIME & DATE:  1:00PM Or upon adjournment
             Tuesday, April 19, 2005

PLACE: Chairman Carona's Desk

CHAIR: Senator John Carona

Chairman Carona suspended the 24 hour posting rule so that the Senate
Subcommittee on Emerging Technologies and Economic Development could
consider the following pending bills:

HB 2307            Cook, Byron              SP: Fraser
Relating to the terms of office of the Product Development and
Small Business Incubator Board.

SB 1711            Staples
Relating to the creation of and funding for the Texas
Entrepreneurship Network.

SB 559            Brimer
Relating to the limitation on appraised value of certain property
under the Texas Economic Development Act and to the continuation of
that Act.

SB 1254            Brimer
Relating to extending the terms and conditions under which an
enterprise project may continue to receive franchise tax credit for
job creation and capital investment.

SB 1253            Brimer
Relating to measures to support efforts of municipalities and
counties to recruit or retain special events.

SB 1038            Lucio
Relating to authorizing a special events trust fund to support
certain Olympic events, including training and development

SB 1304            Seliger
Relating to a project that may be undertaken by a certain
development corporation in connection with new or expanded business