NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Jurisprudence

TIME & DATE: 11:00AM Or upon adjournment
             Friday, May 20, 2005

PLACE: E1.012

CHAIR: Senator Jeff Wentworth

To consider the following:

HB 209            Goodman                  SP: Averitt
Relating to challenging an acknowledgment of paternity executed by
a minor.

HB 260            Goodman                  SP: Averitt
Relating to suits affecting the parent-child relationship and
protective orders.

HB 371            Farabee                  SP: West, Royce
Relating to liquidated damages for violating certain requirements
relating to executory contracts for the conveyance of certain real

HB 383            Dutton                   SP: Hinojosa
Relating to the right of certain persons to discipline a child.

HB 440            Dutton                   SP: Whitmire
Relating to the modification or enforcement of a child support
order during the obligor's confinement in jail or prison.

HB 1238            Paxton                   SP: Wentworth
Relating to distribution of certain child support payments by the
state disbursement unit.

HB 1472            Casteel                  SP: Wentworth
Relating to the creation of a management trust by a probate court.

HB 1905            Puente                   SP: Madla
Relating to the jurisdiction of county courts at law in Bexar

HB 1999            Van Arsdale              SP: Lindsay
Relating to the preparation of medical history reports by parents
who relinquish children for adoption.

HB 2531            Chavez                   SP: Shapleigh
Relating to the local administrative judge for the El Paso Council
of Judges.

HB 2668            Dutton                   SP: Wentworth
Relating to the performance by a private entity of the functions of
a local child support registry or a child support enforcement
agency and to the receipt, disbursement, and monitoring of child
support payments.

HB 3015            Hill                     SP: Shapiro
Relating to next of kin for purposes of making funeral

HB 3045            Kolkhorst                SP: Ogden
Relating to the juvenile boards of Grimes, Leon, Madison, and
Walker Counties.

HB 3098            Laubenberg               SP: Deuell
Relating to the composition of the Rockwall County Juvenile Board.

HB 3441            Herrero                  SP: Hinojosa
Relating to the exchange of benches between justices of the peace.

HB 3515            Casteel                  SP: Wentworth
Relating to the composition of the Comal County Juvenile Board.

HB 3542            Cook, Robby              SP: Armbrister
Relating to the composition of the juvenile board of Fayette

HCR 153            Dutton                   SP: West, Royce
Requesting the Texas Legislative Council to schedule a revision of
the Family Code during the 2005-2006 interim.



HB 383