NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: State Affairs

TIME & DATE:  9:00AM, Wednesday, July 26, 2006

PLACE: E1.036 - Finance Com. Rm.

CHAIR: Senator Robert Duncan

The Committee will meet to take invited and public testimony on the
following interim committee charges:

Interim Charge No. 5:  Study the regulation and management of health care
plans, including the following:
*  Study the reimbursement methodology of health care plans for
out-of-network claims, the adequacy of health plan networks to provide
appropriate coverage, the impact of out-of-network balance billing by
physicians and health care providers and the accurate disclosure of
patients' out-of-pocket costs.
*  Study the discounting and/or waiving of co-pays, deductibles and
co-insurance by physicians and healthcare providers.  Specifically, how
this practice can impact the cost to private and public health plans and
the impact to acute, multi-service hospitals, including safety net
*  Evaluate health care cost transparency by health care providers and
access to that information by patients.
*  Review data reported to the Texas Department of Insurance by health
care plans, investigate possible expansion of health plans' reportable
data, including, but not limited to, administrative costs, and what, if
any, is the appropriate release and publication of that information.

Interim Charge No. 9:  Study and make recommendations regarding the cost
drivers of emergency medical services.  Make recommendations on how to
improve and sustain EMS services for Texas, as well as reduce costs to
health care plans, businesses, and individuals.

Please note:  At the Chair's discretion and if necessary, any unfinished
testimony or related committee business will be moved to the top of the
agenda for the next scheduled committee hearing on July 27, 2006.