NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Windstorm Coverage & Budget Impact (Interim)

TIME & DATE:  1:00PM, Wednesday, June 28, 2006

PLACE: Galveston, Texas

CHAIR: Senator Mike Jackson and Rep. John T. Smithee

The Joint Committee on Windstorm Coverage and Budgetary Impact will
conduct an interim hearing at Texas A&M University - Galveston
in Room 151 of the MERC Building 3027 (200 Seawolf Parkway, Galveston,
Texas, 77554). The committee will hear invited and public testimony
on interim charges 1, 4 and 5.

I.   Call to order

II.  Adopt Interim Rules

III. Invited Testimony
     Mike Geeslin, Commissioner of Insurance

IV.  Invited Testimony
     Jim Oliver, General Manager Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

V.   Public Testimony

VI.  Adjourn/Recess