HB 1777
Regulated Industries Committee

March 29, 2005 - 12:00P or upon final adjourn./recess
    For:      Eddleman, Neil (Alliance for a Competitive Electric
              Fainter, John (Association of Electric Companies of
              Texas, Inc.)
              Jewell, Michael (Direct Energy, CPL Retail Energy, WTU
              Retail Energy & Alliance for Retail Markets)
              Kolodziej, Eddie (DFW Electric Consumer Coalition)
              McCalla, David (GEUS (City of Greenville's
              Municipally-owned Electric System))
              Mian, Amy (Fire Fly Electricity, LLC)
              Potosky, Rob (Utility Choice Electric & ACEM (Alliance
              for Competitive Electric Markets))
              Rainey, John (Denton Municipal Electricity)
              Sherman, Fred (Garland Power and Light)
              Trostle, Kay (TXI-Chaparral Steel Midlothian, Nucor
              Steel and Structural Metals, Inc.)
              Zion, Mark (Texas Public Power Association)
    Against:  Fehrenbach, Nick (The City of Dallas Texas and The
              Committee of Concerned Load)
    On:       Biedrzycki, Carol (Texas Ratepayers Organization to Save
   Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Darte, Tom (GEUS)
              Doegey, Jay (Cities Aggregation Power Project, Inc.
              (CAPP) and City of Arlington)
              Gahn, Scott (Just Energy Texas, LLC and Alliance for a
              Competitive Electric Market)
              Valdez, Jerry (Texas Competitive Power Advocates)
              Williams, Mike (Texas Electric Cooperatives)
    Against:  Frazier, Charles (Frazier & Frazier Ind., Inc.)
              Gay, Geoffrey (Cities Aggregation Power Project, Inc.
              (CAPP) and South Texas Aggregation Project, Inc. (STAP))
              Ragsdale, David (Self)
              Wilkins, Patrick (Cities Aggregation Power Project and
              South Texas Aggregation Project)
    On:       Chapman, Randall (Self)
              Darling, Jim (South Texas Aggregation Project (STAP) and
              City of McAllen)
              Oldham, Phillip (Texas Coalition for Competitive
              Schrader, Thomas (Electric Reliabity Council of Texas)
              Smith, Tom (Public Citizen Members)