SB 60


Criminal Justice Committee

March 15, 2005 -  1:30P Or upon adjournment
      FOR:        Carreon, Rodrigo (Self), Fresno, TX
                  Cunningham, Mark Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
                         (Self), Lewisville, TX
                  Gatto, Cindy Sun (Self), Wimberly, TX
                  Guerra, Rene Hidalgo County District Attorney
                         (Hildalgo County), Edinburg, TX
                  Houston, Joshua (Self), Austin, TX
                  Kurland, Paula (Self), Seabrook, TX
                  Sharlot, M. Michael (Self), Austin, TX
      AGAINST:    Hubbarth, William "Rusty" Vice President (Justice
                         For All), Austin, TX
                  Miller, Gregory Assistant Criminal District Attorney
                         (Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney's
                         Office), Fort Worth, TX
                  Wilson, Roe Assistant District Attorney (Harris
                         County District Attorney's Office), Houston,

   Registering, but not testifying:
      For:        Barron, Leonita (Self), Victoria, TX
                  Daly, Richard Executive Director (Texas Catholic
                         Conference), Austin, TX
                  Evans, Jmani Intern (National Association for the
                         Advancement of Colored People), Austin, TX
                  Paynter, Suzii Director Public Policy (Christian
                         Life Commission), Austin, TX
                  Riddering, Hannah President (Texas National
                         Organization for Women), Austin, TX
                  Riebschlaeger, Elizabeth Texan (Self), Cuero, TX
                  Truchard, Jeanette (Self), Victoria, TX
      Against:    Gaylor, Tom Deputy Executive Director (Texas
                         Municipal Police Association), Austin, TX
                  Rolater, Jr., John (Bill Hill, Dallas County
                         Criminal District Attorney), Dallas, TX
                  Stephens, Stephanie District Attorney (Nacogdoches
                         District Attorney), Nacogdoches, TX
                  Wiedeman, Whitney First Assitant Criminal DA
                         (Caldwell County Criminal District Attorney's
                         Office), Lockhart, TX

   Providing written testimony:
      For:        Simpson, Dee Director (American Fed. of State County
                         and Municipal Employees), Austin, TX