Appropriations Committee
February 28, 2005-7:00A

    For:      Evans, Douglas (City of Grapevine and Texas Recreation
                   and Park Society)
              Homer, Andrew (Texas Public Employees Association)
    Against:  Brown, Steve (Self and Texas Library Association)
              Mann, Susan S. (Self and Texas Library Association)
    On:       Atkins, Billy (Texas Lottery Commission)
              Balderrama, Sandra (Texas Cancer Council)
              Bass, James (Texas Department of Transportation)
              Beck, Jim (Office of the Secretary of State)
              Behrens, P.E., Michael W. (Texas Department of
              Bow, Jonathan D. (State Office of Risk Management)
              Carrillo, Victor G. (Texas Railroad Commission)
              Carrington, Edwina P. (Texas Department of Housing and
                   Community Affairs)
              Clark, Jacquelyn (Self)
              Combs, Susan (Texas Department of Agriculture)
              Cook, Robert W. (Texas Parks and Wildlife)
              Deiters, Kevin (Office of Fire Fighters' Pension
              Edge, Darrell W. (Comptroller of Public Accounts)
              Edwards, Kimberly K. (Texas Public Finance Authority)
              Flores, Linda (TCEQ)
              Fuelberg, Ann (Employees Retirement System)
              Garcia, Buddy (Secretary of State)
              Gilman, Tony (Ed Perez, Executive Director and Texas
                   Office of State - Federal Relations)
              Greer, Reagan E. (Texas Lottery Commission)
              Guthrie, Brian (Office of the Governor)
              Guthrie, Brian (Texas Incentive and Productivity
              Hamilton, Billy (Comptroller of Public Accounts)
              Hanson, Benjamin (Office of the Secretary of State)
              Hernandez, Ricardo (Texas Commission on the Arts)
              Isom, Rex (Texas Soil and Water Conservation Board)
              Jensen (Mike), Michael J. (Texas Animal Health
              Jones, Elizabeth Ames (Railroad Commission of Texas)
              Kitchens, Ron (Railroad Commission of Texas)
              Krishock, William Patrick (Texas Bond Review Board)
              Lewis, Glenn (Commission on State Emergency
              Mallett, Paul (Commission on State Emergency
              Miller, Lisa Ivie (Self and Office of the Fire Fighters'
                   Pension Commissioner)
              Moseley, Jeff (Office of the Governor Economic
                   Development and Tourism Board)
              Nier, James E. (Texas Veterans Commission)
              Oaks, Lawerence (Texas Historical Commission)
              Patterson, Jerry (GLO)
              Pickett, Sandra J. (Texas State Library and Archives
              Rath, Diane (Texas Workforce Commission)
              Reed, Cindy (Texas Building and Procurement Commission)
              Reisman, David A. (Texas Ethics Commission)
              Shankle, Glenn (TCEQ)
              Stone, Charles S. (Office of Rural Community Affairs)
              Temple, Larry (TX Workforce Commission)
              Thigpen, Drew (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)
              Townsend, Randy (Texas Workforce Commission)
              White, Rebeca (Office of the Governor and Governor's
                   Trusteed Programs)
              Williams, Roger (Office of the Secretary of State)