Appropriations Committee
March 15, 2005-7:00A

    For:      Brown, Bess (Self)
              Buckwold, Dr. Fred (Evercare of Texas, LLC)
              Camacho, Jose E. (Texas Association of Community Health
                   Centers, Inc.)
              Carter, Troy (The Adult Day Care Association of Texas)
              Farmer, Elaine (Self)
              Hedrick, Mary M. (Self)
              Rossberg, Cathy (Amerigroup Texas)
              Snyder, Ruth (Self and Parent Association for the
                   Retarded of Texas)
              Sullivan, Sandy Lavon (Evercare)
    Against:  Brekons, Susie (Self)
              Butler, Laura (Self)
              Carderas, Claudia (Self and Texas Advocatas)
              Corbett, Garth A. (Advocacy Inc)
              Courtney, Geoffrey N. (Self and ARC of Texas and
                   McCarthy v.  Hawkins Plaintiffs)
              Cranston, Cathy (Self)
              Cranston, Ron (Self and ADAPT of Texas)
              Greebon, Karen (Self and ADAPT of Texas)
              Kafka, Bob (ADAPT)
              Lewis, Nicholas C. (Self)
              McPhail, Jennifer (ADAPT)
              Mutz, Albert (ADAPT)
              Paschall, Carissa (Self)
              Paschall, Cindi (Self)
              Templeton, J T (Self and ADAPT of Texas)
    On:       Brown, Cindy (Texas Department of Family and Protective
              Garrison, Walt (Self)
              Heiligenstein, Anne (HHSC)
              James, Joyce (DFPS)
              McClure, Madeline (The Texas Association for the
                   Protection of Children)
              Menges, Joel (The Lewin Group)
              Sanchez, Eduardo (DSHS)
              Thomas, Stephanie (ADAPT of Texas)