Appropriations-S/C on Health & Human Services Committee
February 8, 2005-7:00A

    For:      Brady, Denise (Mental Health Association in Texas)
              Cowan, Terry (Self and City of Sunset Valley)
              Gonzales, Gilbert R. (Texas Center for Health Care
                   Services (Bexar County Mental Authority))
              Griffin, Constable Gary (Self and Mental Health
                   Appropriations Coalition)
              Hall, Gary A. (American Heart Association, Texas
              Headrick, Kelly (American Cancer Society- Texas
              Humphrey, Cynthia (Association of Substance Abuse
              Kuny, Edwin F. (San Marcos Emergency Task Force)
              Lovelace, Joe (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of
                   Texas (NAMI Texas))
              Murphree, Donna A. (San Marcos Emergency Mental Health
                   Task Force)
              Parker, PHD, Carolyn A. (Texas AIDS Network)
              Phillips, Sharon (HEP C Advocate Network (HEPCAN))
              Shannon, Jacqueline (Jackie) (Self)
              Skelton, Sandy (Texas Council of Community MHMR Centers)
              Smith, Betty R. (Self)
              Werlein, Linda J. (Self)
    On:       Bays, Richard (Department of State Health Services)
              Bell, M.D., Charles E. (Health and Human Services
              Camacho, Jose E. (Texas Association of Community Health
                   Centers, Inc)
              Delgado, Evelyn (Texas Department of State Health
              Hathaway, Alex (Department of State Health Services)
              Pharr, Machelle (Department of State Health Services)
              Rachofsky, Marcia C. (Federation of Families for
                   Childrens Mental Health)
              Sanchez, Eduardo (Department of State Health Services)
              Sprinkle, G.K. (Texas Ambulance Association)
              Vesowate, Joe (Department of State Health Services)
              Wanser, Dave (Department of State Health Services)