Appropriations-S/C on Health & Human Services Committee
February 11, 2005-7:00A

    For:      Kidd, Carl T. (Self and Evercare of Texas)
              Sullivan, Sandy Lavon (Self and Evercare of Texas)
    Against:  Anderson, Dr. Ron (Parkland Health and Hospital System)
              Bradberry, Anita (Texas Association for Home Care, Inc.)
              Brownawell, Jeff (Memorial Herman Health Care)
              Buck, M.D., Ernie (Primary Care Coalition and Texas
                   Medical Association)
              Courtney, Geoffrey N. (Self and The ARC of Texas and
                   McCarthy V. Hawkins Plaintiffs)
              Dunkelberg, Anne (Center for Public Policy Priorities)
              Everitt, Patti (Children's Defense Fund)
              Hagert, Celia (Center for Public Policy Priorities)
              Hawkins, John (Texas Hospital Association)
              Henkes, Dr. David (Bexar County Medical Society)
              Kafka, Bob (ADAPT of Texas)
              Keliher, Margaret (Dallas County)
              Lee, Donald (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)
              McDonald, M.D., Joseph D. (Border Health Caucus)
              O'Connor, Caroline (Texas State Employees Union)
              Oldham, Melanie (Self)
              Oneacre, Amanda (Greater Dallas Chamber)
              Pearson, David (Texas Organization of Rural and
                   Community Hospitals)
              Rich, Sid (Texas Association of Residential Care
              Sonleitner, Denise (Self)
              Spivey, Michael (Texas Coalition of Transferring
              Svadlenak, Steve (Texas Association of Public and Non -
                   Profit Hospitals)
              Tonn, Larry (Dallas Medical Resource)
              Vasek, Heather (Texas Association for Home Care)
    On:       Carruth, Lisa (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Coleman, Pam (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Conner, Patty (Williamson County Crisis Center)
              Hawkins, Albert (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Henderson, Tracy (Texas Health and Human Services
              Johnson, Marla R. (Hays - Caldwell Woman's Center)
              Kane, Jerry (HHS Council)
              Millwee, Billy R. (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Murphree, Susan (Advocacy Inc.)
              Pressley, PhD, Laura (Self)
              Reasonover, Scott (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Suehs, Thomas (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Thompson, Wanda (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Woolbert, Lynda (Coalition for Nurses in Advanced