Business & Industry Committee
March 15, 2005-2:00P

HB 7 - Committee Substitute (Solomons HB 7)
    For:      Berkstresser, Patti (Self and Texas Physical Therapy
              McMurry, Sam J. (Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. & Texas
                   Self-Insurance Assn.)
              Woods, Joe (Property Casualty Insurers Assocation of
    Against:  Bicklein, Royce (Self and Miller & Bicklein)
    On:       Reagan, Karen (Texas Foundation of Drug Stores)
              Zamrazil, Kristie (TX Pharmacy Assocation)

HB 69
    Against:  Bower, Bruce P. (Texas Senior Advocacy Coalition)
              Smith, Clinton (Self and Gray Panthers)
    On:       Bell, Charles E. (Texas Health & Human Services

HB 153
    For:      Bent, Steve ((TXANS) TX-Assocation Respondsible
              Galliher, Teresa (Kent Moore Cabinets, Ltd.)
    Against:  Levy, Rick (TxAFL-CIO)

HB 1379
    For:      Sanders, Robert Tony (Chief of Police Dave M. Kunkle,
                   Dallas Police Department)

HB 1578
    For:      Potts, Julie (Texas Assocation of Realtors)
              Walker, Ron (Texas Assocation of Realtors)

HB 1716
    For:      Burch, Bill (Self)