Business & Industry Committee
April 5, 2005-2:00P

HB 211
    For:      Doggett, Robert (Texas Low Income Housing Information
              Goodison, Erin (SafePlace - Domestic Violence and Sexual
                   Assault Survival Center)
              Levine, Lisa (Houston Area Women's Center)
              Rodenborn, Bruce (Self)
              Secrest, Theresa P. (Self)
              Stark, Katherine (Self)
    On:       Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)

HB 251
    For:      Fletcher, Caldwell (4600 Group, Inc.)
              Glenn, Eric (MedRecovery Management, LLC)

HB 572
    For:      Gilligan, T. Scott (Texas Funeral Directors Association)
              Inabnett, Chris (Stewart Enterprises, Inc.)
              Metcalf, Tommy (Self and Metcalf Funeral Home & Service
                   Corporation International)
              Shelger, James (Service Corporation International)
    Against:  Hankins, Lamar (Funeral Consumers Alliance of Texas)

HB 1146
    For:      Bounds, Mackie (Self and Texas Construction Association)
              Diggles Jr., Leroy (Self)
              George, Don (Self and ASA - AGC)
              Gonzalez, Rebecca N. (Self and Texas Construction
              Kader, Tom (Self and Associated General Contractors)
              Moss, Rodney (Centex Construction, LLC)
              Reeve, Ed (Self and Texas Construction Association)
    Against:  Pomikahl, Randy (Independent Electrical Contractors of
                   Texas (IEC of Texas))

HB 1307
    For:      Davis, LCSW, Grace (Self)
              Gray, Terra (True.com)
              Halbert, Ellen (Self)
              Rathburn, William M. (True.com)
    Against:  Cardillo, John J. (Sentinel Tech)
              Dye, Marshall (Match.com L.P.)
              Erickson, Markham (NetCoalition)

HB 1353
    On:       Brady, Kevin (Texas Department of Insurance)

HB 1952
    On:       Carr, Mindy (Texas Land Title Association)
              Turley, Gail M. (County & District Clerks' Association
                   of Texas)

HB 2376
    For:      Craig, Robert M. (Self)
              Cripe, James (Self and Valet Cleaner of Bell and Coryell
              Godo, Patricia A. (Self)
              Hoodless, Paul (Self)
              Reichstadt, Shirley (Self)
              Sims, Rick J. (Self and South West Dry Cleaners
                   Association and Sims City Cleaners Inc.)
              Sledge, Chrissy L. (Self)
              Stavely, Gerald (Self and Gerald Stavely Martinizing)
              Yee, Martin (Self)
    Against:  Sawyer, Darrell (Carls Cleaners Inc. and Concerned Dry
                   Cleaners of Texas)
    On:       Hardee, Jackie (Texas Commission on Environmental
              Le, Peter D. (Vietnamese Dry Cleaners Association)
              Litherland, Susan (Self)
              Mitchell, Rob (Vietnamese Dry Cleaners Association)
              Nguyen, Don (Vietnamese Dry Cleaners Association)
              Nguyen, Thanh Dac (Vietnamese Dry Cleaners Association)

HB 2824
    For:      Maisel, Vicky (Cowboy Cleaners and Concerned Dry
                   Cleaners of Texas)

HB 3030
    For:      Metzger, Luke (Texas Public Interest Research Group (Tex
    Against:  Ellman, Eric J. (Consumer Data Industry Association)

HB 3281
    For:      Bailey, Charles (Texas Hospital Association)
              Borow, M.D., Valarie (Healthhelp)
              Guiberteau, Mitlon J. (Texas Radiological Society)
              Hammond, Bill (Texas Association of Business)
              Luke, Ron (Self)
    Against:  Berthelsen, Spencer (Texas Medical Association)
              Bonilla M.D., J. Arturo (Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat
                   Institute of South Texas)
              Bonilla, M.D., Juan A. (Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat
                   Institute of South)
              Elizondo, Ben J. (Self)
              Gahm, Brad (Baylor Health Care System)
              Gill, MD, John T. (Self and Texas Orthopedic
              Levy, M.D., J.D., Bruce (Texas Society of
              Nader, Paul (Capital Dialysis of Texas, Ltd.)
              O'Leary, Patrick J. (Self and Kirby Surgical Center)
              Quigley, Mark (Self and Texas Medical Group Management
                   Association and Texas Ambulatory Surgery Society)
              Slaton, Charles (MedCath, Inc., Heart Hospital of
                   Austin, Texsan Heart Hospital and Harlingen Medical
              Worsham, Donna (National Surgical Hospitals of Texas)