Regulated Industries Committee
May 11, 2006-10:30A

HB 144 - Committee Substitute (Cook)
    Against:  Sloan, Mike (The Wind Coalition)
              Smith, Russel E. (Texas Renewable Energy Industries
              Smith, Tom "Smitty" (Public Citizen)
    On:       Tinker, Scott (Self)

HB 163
    For:      Blakley, Jack T. (Entergy Gulf States, Inc.)
              Claybar, W. Brown (City of Orange)
              Fainter, Jr., John W. (AECT)
              Oldham, Phillip (Texas Coalition for Competitive
    Against:  Sanchez, Joe M. (AARP-Texas)
    On:       Parsley, Julie (Public Utility Commission of Texas)

Access Line Fees
    On:       Parsley, Julie (Public Utility Commission of Texas)
              Peacock, Bill (Texas Public Policy Foundation)

Access Line Fees and USF
    On:       Gonterman, Bryan (AT&T Texas)

Interim Charge
    On:       Ince, Kristie (Time Warner Telecom)

Universal Service Fund
    On:       Gillan, Joe (Texas Cable & Telecommunications
                   Association and Time Warner Telecom of Texas)
              Gray, Weldon (Eastex Telephone Cooperative, Inc.)
              Gray, Weldon (Eastex Telephone Cooperative, Inc. and
                   Texas Statewide Telephone Cooperative, Inc.)
              Land, Charles (TEXALTEL)
              Smitherman, Barry (Public Utility Commission of Texas)

Utility Relocation
    On:       Brown, David (Verizon Communicaitons, Inc.)
              Houston, Scott (Texas Municipal League)
              West, Clarence (City of Houston)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Dempsey, Becky (Smith County)