Finance Committee
May 21, 2005 -12:30P

HB 1771
      FOR:        Foxhall, Lewis Physician (Texas Medical
                         Association), Houston, TX
      ON:         Borel, Dennis Executive Director (Coalition of
                         Texans With Disabilities), Austin, TX
                  Hawkins, Albert State Employee (Health and Human
                         Services Commission), Austin, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
      For:        Banning, Tom Lobbyist (Texas Academy of Family
                         Physicians), Austin, TX
                  Catrer, Jennifer Executive Director - Government
                         Relations (Parkland Health & Hospital
                         System), Dallas, TX
                  Gunn, Cindy Advocacy Coordinator (Memorial Hermann
                         Healthcare System), Houston, TX
                  Hawkins, John Vice President, Government Relations
                         (Texas Hospital Association), Austin, TX
                  Peters, Richard Consultant (Texas Association of
                         Public & Nonprofit Hospitals), Austin, TX
                  Rich, Sid Lobbyist (Texas Association of Residential
                         Care Communities), Austin, TX
                  Roy, Tom Vice President Relations (JPS Health
                         Network), Fort Worth, TX
                  Stafford, Gwen VP Corporate Services (University
                         Medical Center Health System), Lubbock, TX
                  Vasek, Heather Director of Public Policy (Texas
                         Association for Home Care), Austin, TX

HB 2753
      ON:         O'Brien, John LBB (LBB Staff), Austin, TX