October 9, 2006 - 01:00 PM
Article VI
Russell, Aubrey  Farmer and Rancher  (Texas Soil and Water Conservation Board),  Panhandle, TX
Brown, Robert  Commissioner  (Parks and Wildlife Department),  El Paso, TX
Callahan, Melanie  Director, Fiscal Services  (Texas Water Development Board),  Austin, TX
Carillo, Victor G.  Commissioner  (Railroad Commission of Texas),  Austin, TX
Combs, Susan  Commissioner  (TDA),  Austin, TX
Cook, Robert L.  Executive Director  (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department),  Austin, TX
Dabney, Walter  State Parks Director  (TPW),  Austin, TX
Fitzsimmons, Joseph  Chairman  (Parks and Wildlife Department),  San Antonio, TX
Foster, John    (Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board)
Hagood, Gary  Deputy Commissioner, Budget and Planning  (General Land Office),  Austin, TX
Hillman, Bob  Executive Director  (Texas Animal Health Commission),  Austin, TX
HInojosa-Segura, Veronica  CFO  (TWDB),  Austin, TX
Isom, Rex  Executive Director  (Texas Soil and Water Conservation Board),  Temple, TX
Jensen, Michael J.  TAHC Administrator  (Texas Animal Health Commission),  Austin, TX
Jones, Elizabeth Ames  Commissioner  (Railroad Commission of Texas),  Austin, TX
Laine, Larry  Chief Clerk  (General Land Office),  Austin, TX
Lucas, Angela  Director of Financial Services  (Texas Animal Health Commission),  Liberty Hill, TX
McCauty, Gene  Deputy Director for Administration  (Parks and Wildlife Department),  Austin, TX
Oswald, Johnny S.  Manager  (Texas Soil and Water Conservation Board)
Parker, John  Commissioner  (Parks and Wildlife Department),  Lufkin, TX
Patterson, Jerry  Commissioner  (General Land Office, Veterans Land Board, Trusteed Programs of GLO),  Austin, TX
Pittman, E.G Rod  Chairman  (Texas Water Development Board),  Austin, TX
Pollard, David  CFO  (TDA),  Austin, TX
Shankle, Glenn  Executive Director  (TCEQ),  Austin, TX
Soward, Larry  Commissioner  (TCEQ),  Austin, TX
Traylor, Richard  Ranching  (Texas Animal Health Commission),  Carrizo Springs, TX
Varela, R.A.    (Railroad Commission of Texas),  Austin, TX
Vickery, Mark  Deputy Executive Director  (TCEQ),  Austin, TX
Ward, J. Kevin  Executive Administrator  (Texas Water Development Board),  Austin, TX
White, Kathleen  Chairman  (TCEQ),  Austin, TX
Williams, Michael L.    (Railroad Commission of Texas),  Austin, TX
Zajeek, Kenny  Chief Financial Officer  (Texas Soil and Water Conservation Board),  Temple, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Armstrong, Bob  Retired  (Texans for Parks),  Austin, TX