Government Organization Committee
February 28, 2005 - 1:30P

SB 213

  Registering, but not testifying:
      On:         Saldana, Lydia Communications Division Director
                         (Texas Parks and Wildlife), Austin, TX

SB 233
      ON:         Oaks, Lawerence Executive Director (THC), Austin, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
      On:         Bruseth, Jim Archeologist, THC (THC), Austin, TX
                  Denton, Mark Archeologist (THC), Austin, TX
                  Smith, Gregory Historian, National Register (Texas
                         Historical Commission), Austin, TX

SB 286
      FOR:        Baggett, Donnis educator/publisher (Texas Daily
                         Newspaper Association/ Texas Press
                         Association), Austin, TX
                  Miller, Rick Bell County Attorney (Self), Harker
                         Heights, TX
                  Pichinson, Michael General Counsel (Texas Conference
                         of Urban Counties), Austin, TX
                  Renken, Julie Washington County Attorney (Texas
                         District and County Attorney's Association),
                         Brenham, TX
                  Rose, Brian Assistant District Attorney (Harris
                         County District Attorney's Office), Houston,
      ON:         Bowers, Richard General Manager (North Plains
                         Groundwater Conservation District), Dumas, TX
                  Cary, Missy Chief Open Records Division, OAG (Office
                         of the Attorney General), Austin, TX
                  Fuller, Nancy Attorney (Office of the Attorney
                         General - Opinion Committee Chair), Austin,
                  Hurton, Susan Attorney (Texas Municipal League),
                         Austin, TX
                  Powell, Leilah Government Relations Manager (Bexar
                         County), San Antonio, TX
                  Valkavich, Helen Assistant City Attorney (City of
                         San Antonio), San Antonio, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
      For:        Burton, Cara Texas Association of Broadcasters
                         (Texas Association of Broadcasters), Austin,
                  Kelly, Jack (Texas State Teachers Association),
                         Dripping Springs, TX
                  Marsden, Julie Volunteer (League of Women Voters of
                         Texas), Austin, TX
                  Murray-Kolb, Elizabeth Guadalupe County Attorney
                         (Self), Seguin, TX
                  Riddering, Hannah taxi driver (Self), Austin, TX
                  Smith, Tom Director (Public Citizen), Austin, TX
                  Woodford, Suzy Executive Director (Common Cause
                         Texas), Austin, TX

  Providing written testimony:
      For:        Anderson, Rebecca Assistant (People for the American
                         Way), Austin, TX

SB 288

  Registering, but not testifying:
      For:        Smith, Tom Director (Public Citizen), Austin, TX
      Against:    Sterling, Edward Director of Member Services/
                         Lobbyist (Texas Press Association), Austin,

SB 406
      FOR:        Burney, Paul Psychologist (TX Psychological
                         Association), Conroe, TX
      ON:         Hernandez, Arthur Psychologist/ Board Chair (TSBEP),
                         Austin, TX
                  Schute, Geoffrey Licensed Psychological Associate
                         (Self), Austin, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
      For:        McPherson, Robert Psychologist (Texas Psychological
                         Association), Austin, TX
                  Shields, Brad Legislative Council (Texas Society of
                         School Psychologists), Austin, TX
                  White, David E.D. Texas Psychological Association
                         (TPA), Austin, TX
      On:         Aerne, Melissa Policy Analyst (Sunset Advisory
                         Commission), Austin, TX
                  Lee, Sherry Executive Director/ State employee
                         (Texas State Board of Examiners of
                         Psychologists), Austin, TX

SB 407
      FOR:        Lenarduzzi, Roland veterinarian (Texas Veterinary
                         Medical Association), Manvel, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
      On:         Allen, Ron Executive Director (Texas Board of
                         Veterinary Medical Examiners), Austin, TX
                  Whitten, Meredith Policy Analyst (Sunset
                         Commission), Austin, TX