Medical Peer Review Process (Interim)
September 27, 2006 - 10:00 AM
Medical Peer Review Process
Gray, JD, LLM, Patricia  Director of Research, Health Law & Policy Insitute   (University of Houston Law Center),  Houston, TX
Jacks, Tommy    (Jacks Law Firm),  Austin, TX
Kant, MD, Andrew  Partner  (KSF Orthopaedic Center),   Houston, TX
Robinson, Mari  Enforcement Director  (Texas Medical Board),  Austin, TX
Shackelford, Michele  General Counsel  (Texas Medical Board),  Austin, TX
Wall, Matt  General Counsel  (Texas Hospital Association),  Austin, TX
Weitz, Tim  Attorney  (McDonald, Mackay & weitz, LLP),   Austin, TX
Williams, MD, Josie  Director, Texas A&M University, Rural & Community Heath Inst  (Texas A&M),  College Station, TX
Registering, but not testifying:
Patrick, Donald  Executive Director  (Texas Medical Board),  Austin, TX
Medical Peer Revirew Process
Regier, Michael  Senior Vice President, Legal Affiars and General Counsel  (Seton Healthcare Network and THA),  Austin, TX