Amend CSHJR 90 as follows:                                                   
	(1)  On page 2, strike lines 10 through 27, and substitute 
the following:    
	(c)  Beginning on September 1, 2010, the first $300 million 
that comes to the state at the beginning of each state fiscal year 
and that is not otherwise dedicated by this constitution or other 
law, is appropriated by this constitution for the purpose of cancer 
prevention and research described by this section.  The comptroller 
shall deposit the money to the credit of the cancer prevention and 
research fund, a separate fund in the state treasury, to be used by 
the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas for the 
purposes of this section.
	(d)  Notwithstanding any other provision of this 
constitution, the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas 
may use the money described by Subsection (c) and any federal or 
private grants and gifts available to the institute to pay for:
	(2)  On page 3, strike lines 10 through 24, and substitute 
the following:    
	(e)  This section expires August 31, 2020.                              
	(3)  On page 4, lines 1 through 5, strike the quoted language 
and substitute the following:
	"The constitutional amendment requiring the creation of the 
Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas and appropriating 
$300 million each fiscal year for 20 years to be used for research 
in Texas into the causes of, cures for, and treatment of cancer."

	Representative Riddle moved to extend speaking time on CSHJR 

The motion to extend time prevailed.