Amend CSSB 10 (House committee printing) by adding the 
following appropriately numbered SECTION and renumbering 
subsequent SECTIONS of the bill accordingly:
	SECTION ____.  (a)  Subsection (a), Section 773.004, Health 
and Safety Code, is amended to read as follows:
	(a)  This chapter does not apply to:                                           
		(1)  [a ground transfer vehicle and staff used to 
transport a patient who is under a physician's care between medical 
facilities or between a medical facility and a private residence, 
unless it is medically necessary to transport the patient using a 
		[(2)]  air transfer that does not advertise as an 
ambulance service and that is not licensed by the department;
		(2) [(3)]  the use of ground or air transfer vehicles 
to transport sick or injured persons in a casualty situation that 
exceeds the basic vehicular capacity or capability of emergency 
medical services providers in the area;
		(3) [(4)]  an industrial ambulance; or                
		(4) [(5)]  a physician, registered nurse, or other 
health care practitioner licensed by this state unless the health 
care practitioner staffs an emergency medical services vehicle 
	(b)  Section 773.041, Health and Safety Code, is amended by 
adding Subsection (a-1) to read as follows:
	(a-1)  A person may not transport a patient by stretcher in a 
vehicle unless the person holds a license as an emergency medical 
services provider issued by the department in accordance with this 
chapter.  For purposes of this subsection, "person" means an 
individual, corporation, organization, government, governmental 
subdivision or agency, business, trust, partnership, association, 
or any other legal entity.
	(c)  Not later than November 1, 2007, the executive 
commissioner of the Health and Human Services Commission shall 
adopt the rules necessary to implement the changes in law made by 
this section to Chapter 773, Health and Safety Code.