Amend CSSB 10 by adding SECTION ___ and renumbering  all other 
SECTIONS accordingly:
	(a)  The Health and Human Services Transition Legislative 
Oversight Committee is created to facilitate the reform efforts in 
Medicaid, the process of  addressing the issues of uncompensated 
hospital care, and the establishment of programs addressing the 
	(b)  The committee is composed of 6 members, as follows:                
		(1)  three members of the senate, appointed by the 
lieutenant governor not later than October 1, 2007;
		(2)  three members of the house of representatives, 
appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives not later 
than October 1, 2007.
	(c)  The executive commissioner of the Health and Human 
Services Commission serves as an ex officio member of the  
	(d)  A member of the committee serves at the pleasure of the 
appointing official.
	(e)  The lieutenant governor and the speaker of the house of 
representatives shall alternate designating a presiding officer 
from among their respective appointments.  The lieutenant governor 
shall make the first appointment after the effective date of this 
	(f)  A member of the committee may not receive compensation 
for serving on the committee but is entitled to reimbursement for 
travel expenses incurred by the member while conducting the 
business of the committee as provided by the General Appropriations 
	(g)  The committee shall:                                               
		(1)  facilitate the design and development of any 
Medicaid waivers needed to affect reform as directed by this Bill;
		(2)  facilitate the establishment of common 
definitions for uncompensated hospital care and any application of 
those definitions in the determination of policy that affects 
reimbursement for that care;
		(3)  facilitate a smooth transition from existing 
Medicaid payment systems and benefit designs to the new Model of 
Medicaid enabled by waiver or policy change by HHSC;
		(4)  meet at the call of the presiding officer;                        
		(5)  research, take public testimony, and issue reports 
on other appropriate issues or specific issues requested by the 
lieutenant governor, or speaker;  and
	(i)  The committee may request reports and other information 
from the Health and Human Services Commission.
	(j)  The committee shall use existing staff of the senate, 
the house of representatives, and the Texas Legislative Council to  
assist the committee in performing its duties under this section.
	(k)  Chapter 551, Government Code, applies to the committee.            
	(l)  The committee shall report to the lieutenant governor, 
and speaker of the house of representatives not later than November 
15 of each even-numbered year.  The report must include:
		(1)  identification of significant issues which impede 
the transition to a more effective Medicaid program;
		(2)  the measures of effectiveness associated with 
changes to the Medicaid program;
		(3)  the impact of Medicaid changes on safety net 
hospitals and other significant traditional providers;
		(4)  the impact on the uninsured in Texas.