Amend CSSB 10 (Senate committee printing) by adding the 
following appropriately numbered SECTION to the bill and 
renumbering subsequent SECTIONS accordingly:
	SECTION ____.  (a) In this section:                                            
		(1)  "Child health plan program" means the state child 
health plan program authorized by Chapter 62, Health and Safety 
		(2)  "Medicaid" means the medical assistance program 
provided under Chapter 32, Human Resources Code.
	(b)  The Health and Human Services Commission shall conduct a 
study of the feasibility of providing a health passport for:
		(1)  children under 19 years of age who are receiving 
Medicaid and are not provided a health passport under another law of 
this state; and
		(2)  children enrolled in the child health plan 
	(c)  The feasibility study must:                                               
		(1)  examine the cost-effectiveness of the use of a 
health passport in conjunction with the coordination of health care 
services under each program;
		(2)  identify any barriers to the implementation of the 
health passport developed for each program and recommend strategies 
for the removal of those barriers;
		(3)  examine whether the use of a health passport will 
improve the quality of care for children described in Subsection 
(b) of this section; and
		(4)  determine the fiscal impact to this state of the 
proposed initiative.  
	(d)  Not later than January 1, 2009, the Health and Human 
Services Commission shall submit to the governor, lieutenant 
governor, speaker of the house of representatives, and presiding 
officers of each standing committee of the legislature with 
jurisdiction over the commission a written report containing the 
findings of the study and the commission's recommendations.
	(e)  This section expires September 1, 2009.