Amend CSSB 10 by adding the following appropriately numbered 
	SECTION ____.  Subchapter B, Chapter 531, Government Code, 
is amended by adding Section 531.02414 to read as follows:
	Sec. 531.02414.  BILLING COORDINATION SYSTEM.  (a)  The 
commission shall, on or before March 1, 2008, contract for the 
implementation of a billing coordination system that will, upon 
entry in the claims system, identify within 24 hours whether 
another entity has primary responsibility for paying the claim and 
submit the claim to the issuer the system determines is the primary 
	(b)  The executive commissioner shall adopt rules for the 
purpose of enabling the system to identify an entity with primary 
responsibility for paying a claim and establish reporting 
requirements for any entity that may have a contractual 
responsibility to pay for the types of services provided under the 
Medicaid program.
	(c)  An entity that holds a permit, license, or certificate 
of authority issued by a regulatory agency of the state must allow 
the contractor under subsection (a) access to databases to allow 
the contractor to carry out the purposes of this subchapter subject 
to the contractor's contract with the commission and rules adopted 
under this subchapter and is subject to an administrative penalty 
or other sanction as provided by the law applicable to the permit, 
license, or certificate of authority for a violation by the entity 
of a rule adopted under this subchapter.
	(d)  After June 1, 2008, no public funds shall be expended on 
entities not in compliance with this subchapter unless a memorandum 
of understanding is entered into between the entity and the 
	(e)  Information obtained under this subchapter is 
confidential.  The agent may use the information only for the 
purposes authorized under this subchapter.  A person commits an 
offense if the person knowingly uses information obtained under 
this subchapter for any purpose not authorized under this 
subchapter.  An offense under this subsection is a Class B