Amend SB 1879 on third reading by inserting the following 
SECTIONS to the bill, appropriately numbered, and renumbering 
subsequent SECTIONS accordingly:
	SECTION ____.  The heading to Chapter 107, Occupations Code, 
is amended to read as follows:
SECTION ____. Chapter 107, Occupations Code, is amended by adding Subchapter E to read as follows:
Sec. 107.201. PATIENT RIGHTS IN PAIN TREATMENT. A patient who suffers from severe chronic or acute pain may: (1) request or reject the use of any or all modalities to relieve the pain; (2) choose from appropriate pharmacologic treatment options to relieve the pain, including opiate medications, without first having to submit to surgery or a medical procedure that results in the destruction of a nerve or other body tissue or the implantation of a drug delivery system or device; and (3) ask the patient's physician to provide an identifying notice of a prescription to treat the pain for purposes of emergency treatment or law enforcement identification. Sec. 107.202. DUTIES OF PHYSICIAN IN PAIN TREATMENT. A physician may refuse to prescribe opiate medication for a patient who requests that treatment for severe chronic or acute pain only if the physician provides the patient with the name of another physician who is qualified to treat the pain employing methods that include the use of opiates. SECTION ____. Section 107.001, Occupations Code, is repealed.