80R1299 CAS-D
  By: McReynolds H.B. No. 894
relating to faculty compensation policies at institutions of higher
       SECTION 1.   Subchapter Z, Chapter 51, Education Code, is
amended by adding Section 51.9081 to read as follows:
(a) Not later than August 31 of each fiscal year, the governing
board of each institution of higher education, as defined by
Section 61.003, shall determine whether the average compensation of
tenured and tenure-track faculty at the institution for that fiscal
year is less than the average compensation for similar faculty at
public institutions of higher education in the 10 most populous
states, not including this state, according to the most recent
information available. In making the comparisons, the governing
board shall consider faculty compensation only at those
institutions of the same category according to the system
established by the Southern Regional Education Board or the
Carnegie Foundation or another major system for classifying
institutions of higher education as determined appropriate by the
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and shall make a separate
determination for each faculty rank. The coordinating board shall
provide the governing board the information necessary to administer
this section.
       (b)  If the governing board of an institution determines that
the average compensation of faculty at a particular rank at the
institution is less than the average compensation for faculty at
that rank provided by the other states, the governing board shall
report that determination and the relevant data to the coordinating
board and shall adopt a program to reallocate available resources
in a manner that will reduce the percentage difference between the
average compensation of each faculty rank at the institution by
one-fourth in the current state fiscal biennium and in each of the
next three bienniums, so that at the end of the fourth biennium the
average compensation of faculty at each rank at the institution is
equal to or greater than the average compensation provided by the
other states. If fewer than four fiscal bienniums are remaining
before the expiration date provided by Subsection (e), the
governing board shall adopt the program to reduce the percentage
difference by one-fourth in each fiscal biennium before the
expiration date.
       (c)  Not later than December 1, 2008, and in each subsequent
fiscal year, each governing board to which this section applies
shall report, in the form and manner prescribed by the coordinating
board, the governing board's progress in remedying faculty
compensation deficiencies identified under this section. The
governing board shall provide the report to the Legislative Budget
Board, the governor's office of budget, planning, and policy, and
the coordinating board.
       (d)  In recommending funding formulas under Section 61.059
for institutions to which this section applies, the coordinating
board shall account for any salary increases required to be made at
those institutions under Subsection (b).
       (e)  This section expires September 1, 2015.
       SECTION 2.   This Act takes effect January 1, 2008.