By: Turner H.B. No. 2699
Substitute the following for H.B. No. 2699:
  By:  Madden C.S.H.B. No. 2699
relating to the creation of special monitors for the Commission on
Jail Standards.
       SECTION 1.  Chapter 511, Government Code, is amended by
adding Section 511.018 to read as follows:
       Sec. 511.018.  SPECIAL MONITORS. (a) The executive
director may place under a special monitor any correctional
facility that fails three consecutive annual inspections due to
management-related deficiencies.
       (b)  A correctional facility that fails an annual inspection
due to management-related deficiencies but subsequently corrects
those deficiencies and passes a reinspection is not considered to
have failed an annual inspection for purposes of Subsection (a).
       (c)  The executive director shall select persons with whom
the commission shall contract to serve as special monitors for the
commission. The commission shall provide training and supervision
for persons with whom the commission contracts under this
       (d)  In selecting persons with whom the commission contracts
under Subsection (c), the executive director shall:
             (1)  select persons who are not employees of the
commission or a correctional facility;
             (2)  comply with any applicable requirement or standard
established by the Texas Building and Procurement Commission; and
             (3)  use criteria related to the nature of the
deficiency that resulted in the facility's report of noncompliance.
       (e)  A contract entered under this section must:
             (1)  set an amount of monthly compensation to be paid to
the special monitor; and
             (2)  expire on the 90th day after the date the
correctional facility under review and monitoring by the special
monitor is certified by the commission to comply with all
applicable state laws and minimum standards with respect to which
the facility was found to have management-related deficiencies.
       (f)  A special monitor shall:
             (1)  ensure that the correctional facility is taking
adequate measures to remedy any management-related deficiency that
resulted in the facility's report of noncompliance;
             (2)  suggest in writing to the correctional facility
additional measures the facility could take to remedy any
deficiency described by Subdivision (1);
             (3)  provide to each entity that owns the correctional
facility or that is responsible for the operation of the
correctional facility a written quarterly report concerning the
status and progress of the review; and
             (4)  provide to the commission at each regular
quarterly commission meeting the report described by Subdivision
       (g)  At the end of each month any portion of which a special
monitor reviewed a correctional facility, the special monitor shall
submit to the executive director a bill for the review and
monitoring of the correctional facility conducted by the special
monitor. If the executive director determines that the bill
complies with the terms of the special monitor's contract, the
executive director shall immediately forward the bill to the county
or municipality that operates the correctional facility or for
which a private vendor operates the correctional facility.
       (h)  A county or municipality that receives a bill from the
executive director under Subsection (g) shall make payment on the
bill in the same manner as the county or municipality makes payments
on other county or municipal obligations.
       SECTION 2.  Section 511.0091, Government Code, is amended by
adding Subsection (e) to read as follows:
       (e)  To reimburse the commission for costs incurred in
implementing and administering Section 511.018, the commission
shall collect a fee from a county or municipality that operates a
correctional facility or for which a private vendor operates a
correctional facility that is placed under a special monitor under
that section. The fee must be in an amount equal to two percent of
the total amount paid by the county or municipality to the special
monitor under Section 511.018(h).
       SECTION 3.  This Act takes effect September 1, 2007.