80R2984 MMS-D
  By: Chisum H.C.R. No. 25
         WHEREAS, Situated in Parmer County, on the high plains of the
  Llano Estacado, the town of Friona has thrived as an agricultural
  center since its founding a century ago; and
         WHEREAS, To celebrate the community's notable ranching and
  farming heritage, civic leaders have inaugurated a highly
  successful annual event that showcases three of the area's primary
  agricultural products; sponsored by the Friona Chamber of Commerce
  and Agriculture and the Texas Cooperative Extension of Parmer
  County, Friona's Cheeseburger Cook-Off and Festival brings
  together an appreciative throng to enjoy one of America's most
  popular meals, a hearty sandwich that reflects the area's bountiful
  harvests of wheat and its robust beef and dairy industries; and
         WHEREAS, Among the pillars that have supported the Parmer
  County economy, cattle raising was the first to be established;
  ranching was introduced within a decade of the county's creation in
  1876, shortly after the Panhandle was opened for settlement; in
  1882, the still-unpopulated county formed part of the 3 million
  acres of public land that was acquired by a group of private
  investors, the Capitol Syndicate, in exchange for financing
  construction of the new state capitol; until it could sell the land
  to settlers, the syndicate operated its vast holdings as a cattle
  ranch, the legendary XIT; and
         WHEREAS, By the late 1890s, steps were being taken to foster
  permanent settlement in the county; in 1898, the Pecos and Northern
  Texas Railway Company was chartered to connect Amarillo and the
  Texas-New Mexico state line, and several switches and town sites
  were developed along the route of the new railroad; Friona, now the
  largest town in the county, originated as a shipping station and was
  subsequently platted in 1906; and
         WHEREAS, During the first three decades of the 20th century,
  Friona saw a growing influx of farmers and the conversion of much
  former rangeland into cultivated fields; contributing to the
  success of ranchers and farmers alike was the ready availability of
  flat, affordable land, a surface soil of sandy loam, and a
  favorable climate; those who have made their living from that land
  have relied on both irrigation, which increased dramatically during
  the 1950s, and dry-land farming techniques; and
         WHEREAS, Since the 1980s, Parmer County has ranked as one of
  the leading agricultural counties in Texas, and its prominence has
  rested in fair measure on the contributions of dedicated,
  forward-looking farmers and cattlemen around Friona; in addition to
  well-established, mixed-crop production, this area enjoys a
  rapidly expanding dairy industry, with some seven dairies in
  operation and six more under construction as of June 2006; and
         WHEREAS, Area cattle- and farm-related businesses include
  one of the largest plants in the meat-packing industry and
  substantial feed-manufacturing and grain-storage facilities, as
  well as cold-storage plants, farm-equipment companies, and a newly
  opened cheese factory; and
         WHEREAS, With such a history and economic foundation,
  citizens of Friona knew they had every ingredient they needed to
  host a classically American jamboree; when the town's Cheeseburger
  Cook-Off and Festival debuted at Friona City Park on July 15, 2006,
  during the community's centennial year, 16 teams took to their
  grills in a spirited contest for culinary laurels; in a show of
  broad-based support for the event, Cargill Meat Solutions donated
  beef for 1,000 patties, Mrs. Baird's donated the buns, the cheese
  factory donated the cheese, Spring Lake Farms donated potatoes for
  the fries, and members of the Lions Club cooked the fries; and
         WHEREAS, If the Cheeseburger Cook-Off and Festival serves as
  a cheerful salute to Friona's deep agricultural roots and thriving
  modern-day enterprises, it also typifies, in its character as a
  great, convivial backyard barbecue, the warm, neighborly spirit of
  this close-knit community, and it is fitting that the
  cheeseburger's symbolic value for Friona be appropriately
  recognized; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the 80th Legislature of the State of Texas
  hereby designate Friona as the official Cheeseburger Capital of