80R4508 JHS-D
  By: Herrero H.C.R. No. 109
         WHEREAS, The popularity of the poker game Texas Hold'em has
  increased dramatically over the past several years, and each day
  untold numbers of people throughout the world play this exciting
  game of skill, intuition, and good old-fashioned luck; and
         WHEREAS, A true phenomenon of our time, Texas Hold'em has
  taken the world by storm, captivating countless card enthusiasts
  with its deceptively simple format; whether betting and bluffing
  across casino tables and kitchen tables, raising and folding in the
  virtual world of online card rooms, or moving "all-in" at charity
  poker tournaments, poker players everywhere have embraced this
  fascinating and challenging game; and
         WHEREAS, The game's invention dates back to the early 1900s
  when it is traditionally held that the first hand of the popular
  card game was dealt in the city of Robstown, and from there it
  traveled northward in the hands of "rounders" and up the sleeves of
  cardsharps who quickly recognized the game's potential for mass
  appeal; and
         WHEREAS, Poker legends such as Crandell Addington and Doyle
  "Texas Dolly" Brunson helped further popularize the game in and
  around Texas in the 1950s, and they and others eventually brought
  Texas Hold'em to Las Vegas, where it was first played at the Golden
  Nugget Casino in 1967; three years later, the inaugural World
  Series of Poker was played at the Horseshoe Casino, featuring
  no-limit Texas Hold'em to determine the world champion, and that
  annual tournament has continued to grow in both size and stature
  with each passing year; and
         WHEREAS, The popularity of hold'em has no doubt been spurred
  by the advent of online gaming and by the broadcast of televised
  poker tournaments, most notably the World Series of Poker's "Main
  Event," a $10,000 no-limit Texas Hold'em tournament that attracts
  top poker professionals, talented amateurs, celebrities, and poker
  wannabes from around the globe hoping to become the next world
  champion of poker; and
         WHEREAS, It is said that Texas Hold'em takes a minute to learn
  and a lifetime to master, and this telling statement underscores
  the high level of skill necessary to win consistently; a successful
  hold'em player relies on reason, intuition, and bravado, and these
  same qualities have served many notable Texans well throughout the
  proud history of the Lone Star State; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the 80th Legislature of the State of Texas
  hereby formally recognize Robstown, Texas, as the birthplace of the
  poker game Texas Hold'em.