80R13603 CL-D
  By: McClendon H.C.R. No. 187
         WHEREAS, Established in 1947 and safeguarded under Section
  67, Article XVI, Texas Constitution, the Employees Retirement
  System of Texas (ERS) provides retirement benefits for state
  employees, elected state officials, and members of the judiciary
  and administers service to approximately 500,000 public employees
  and retirees from about 134 state agencies, 103 higher education
  institutions, and 121 counties; and
         WHEREAS, In 1999, the 76th Texas Legislature provided for a
  supplemental retirement annuity for retired state employees in the
  form of a 13th check, and the next year ERS announced that it would
  issue this lump sum check to state employees who were retired on or
  before August 31, 2000; despite this assurance, retirees are still
  waiting to receive the promised benefit; and
         WHEREAS, Current law permits the ERS board of trustees to
  adopt benefit enhancements if budget projections indicate that the
  ERS fund can pay all retirement benefits due current beneficiaries
  in less than 31 years; data suggests that the system's amortization
  period will remain under 31 years if ERS funding proposed by the
  General Appropriations Act, House Bill 1, 80th Texas Legislature,
  Regular Session, 2007, is maintained; and
         WHEREAS, The hardworking employees of the State of Texas
  greatly contribute to the state and deserve proper compensation for
  their dedication and service to the citizens of Texas; it is
  imperative, therefore, that the legislature show its support for
  the supplemental annuity by firmly endorsing the issuing of a 13th
  check to retirees no later than September 2007; now, therefore, be
         RESOLVED, That the 80th Legislature of the State of Texas
  hereby express its commitment to the state's retired public
  employees and support for the Employees Retirement System of Texas
  board of trustees exercising its statutory authority to provide
  eligible system beneficiaries with a supplemental annuity in the
  form of a 13th check.