80R23705 MMS-F
  By: Kuempel H.R. No. 2933
         WHEREAS, Inasmuch as the great, sovereign State of Texas has
  been unquestionably blessed by its Creator; and
         WHEREAS, Proof of such blessings lies in the unquestionable
  fact that, when created, Texas received, along with all the other
  blessings given to the Earth, taller, billowing prairie grasses;
  gentler, winding, clear rivers; bluer skies; redder sunsets; faster
  horses; more unique animals; the most beautiful wildflowers, each
  honored with its very own season and the most beautiful of which is
  the bluebonnet, which is found only within the boundaries of Texas;
  fatter deer; oranger longhorns; more beautiful women; smarter
  children; and kinder men; and
         WHEREAS, Instilled within those blessed to reside within the
  borders of the state is a fierce pride, which provides assurance
  that this portion of Earth will flourish and not perish and that its
  inhabitants will band together and fight, if need be, to the death
  to preserve the blessing of the land and its contents; and
         WHEREAS, When this Earth was set forth, it was set perfectly
  and with its own distinct boundaries; those boundaries include the
  Northern Pole of the Earth and the opposite, Southern Pole of the
  Earth; and
         WHEREAS, It therefore stands to reason that a West Pole of the
  Earth would be understood to exist, and that it would be designed to
  be placed in the blessed and beloved Texas territory; and
         WHEREAS, The location of the West Pole has been searched for,
  researched, and found to be located at 30 degrees, 18.25' north
  latitude and 97 degrees, 56.28' west longitude, in Bee Cave, Texas;
  now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 80th Texas
  Legislature recognize the presumed site of the West Pole as being in
  the sovereign State of Texas and acknowledge and accept it as
  justifiable and deserved, to add to the greatness of Texas.